Why aren’t you married?

Fool 1
“What?! You are 20+n and not married? Why? All this while I thought you were much younger. What is the problem?”

That was the first time I saw that fool in one of my relatives’ housewarming dinner. No idea who he was!

Fool 2
“Jay, get married soon. Your parents will be happy. They are longing to carry their grandkiddos. You don’t know how they feel deep inside.”

This ‘clairvoyant’ is in the first in all known relatives ‘annoyers’ list. Why? I am not surprised.

Fool 3
“Don’t get married soon. Your father will miss you. Mine died after I got married, out of sadness. That’s how it is when daughters marry off.”

Woman, no 1, you don’t anything about me or my family. No 2, just because I say hi to you every morning, it doesn’t give you the right to talk about my marriage. No wonder people ignore you.

Ps: I heard your father died at the ripe old age of 80, due to cancer. So, stop crapping.

Fool 4
“Why don’t I see you often? You know, it is good for girls like to attend huge family gatherings. Parents of eligable boys are always in the look out for brides, in places like this, you know?”

Why do YOU think you don’t see me around, woman?

Fool 5
“My niece who is as old as you, got married last month. You should, too.”



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