Jay, you are going for a much needed vacation.
Leave your handphone behind.
Don’t even think about calling your office while you are there.
There is a reason why you are entitled for annual leave.

I mean it.

Mission accomplished!



Dear forum dwellers,

Please do not succumb to borrowed intelligence merely to up your self image in the forum. It is alright to accept and explain the ideas and proven facts of others in your own words. However, it is not alright when you quote them verbatim as your own. When you do, kindly acknowledge.

Another forum dweller

Post script 1: Still scratching your head on how I found out? Besides the obvious, by doing an online search, of course.

Post script 2: It is nauseating to see you shameless thanking people when they compliment you on your supposed replies!

Ramble or rubble?

An atheist makes more sense than the majority of theists when he or she talks for religion.

Perspective 1:
Why? Because they are not biased.

Perspective 2:
Atheist, explaining about religion? Hah, talk about contradictions!Atheists do not believe in the existence of the being called god. True. But they do not discount the fact that others do. You do not need religion to understand things. All you need is a rational mind that sees the underlying value that religion exudes. Sadly, many theist fail to realise this and succumb to ambiguous interpretation of its very concept.

Thus, concluding their argument, ‘You are beyond redemption!”


An old dare (and painfully lame dare) which urgently needs a closure:
“I can take off my shirt and walk bare chested. Can a lady do the same?”
“Let’s level the ground. Would you take off your pants (or whatever) you are wearing and walk semi naked?”


“Tsk, I wear skirt to work and *gasp* I own pink lipstick, *and horror of horrors* I wear it to work every day! And yes, I am a feminist. Am I contradicting myself? No! I am being myself. YOU, dear, need to change YOUR mindset!


“Oh, you don’t drink! I am sorry.”

And may I know why are you feeling sorry? And why are you of opinion that my parents will decide who am I going to marry? Or I am giving subliminal message when I say I don’t drink? Can someone kindly shed some light on this?


It is not OK for the lady of the house to watch serials, but it’s perfectly alright for the man of the house to watch sports? Since when did the TV became the indulgence of men only?


Parthiban, your Kundakka Mandakkawas filthier than the filthiest porn! You need to get professional help, man! Are you that depraved? Shame on you!


Did you know that my character was questioned in a public forum for the sole reason I stood up for Kushboo’s right to speak?


Years and years we have had movies that portray man lusting after wife’s sister. But when there are reversal of roles, all hell breaks loose!

Friendster account no more

I have cancelled my account after 6 months. I don’t see the point in having one. If I am being friends with you now and have always been one, why do I need Friendster to link me to you? The main reason why I became a member was because of peer pressure. Yes. My long tormented soul of a good friend blackmailed me (actually, she threatened me with physical hurt) into it on my birthday this year.

It seemed it’s THE place where most of the cool people hang out. Poor soul, she is yet to come out the secondary school-not-in-the-popular-people-list trauma. Inadvertently, she gets sucked into such things at the mere mention of x and y.

There I go, not least interested to know people whom I rather be acquainted with, than to be a friend. True enough, there they were. Same as in school. They are a bunch of nice people. I don’t deny that. But it’s all the self talk that irks me. They are so full of themselves. These people were not from the same ‘group’. They are very much different but yet their full-of-themselfness binds them together. Just as I thought and speculated, the ones that I thought I would see were there.

Now, I am free without small talks and talks about them. I am free without having to read their testimonials or browse their pictures. I don’t have to answer them in affirmative if I have seen their vacation photos when I see them in person.

I am happy with my seemingly small but good circle of friends with whom I still keep in touch in real time. Those whom I want to keep in touch with.

Sorry, V. Friendster or not, I will always be there for you. And you know it’s true!