Dear forum dwellers,

Please do not succumb to borrowed intelligence merely to up your self image in the forum. It is alright to accept and explain the ideas and proven facts of others in your own words. However, it is not alright when you quote them verbatim as your own. When you do, kindly acknowledge.

Another forum dweller

Post script 1: Still scratching your head on how I found out? Besides the obvious, by doing an online search, of course.

Post script 2: It is nauseating to see you shameless thanking people when they compliment you on your supposed replies!


4 thoughts on “Plagiarism

  1. You should, visitor.You get to see some very interesting characters- just as caricatured by Reed.🙂TTM, firstly, welcome.Secondly, look who’s talking! Pun may be intended) 😉

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