This morning

I walked towards my car and found the passenger side window right behind the driver’s seat was a quarter open! Which means it was like that since the last night, after I had it parked. Without a sound, I started the ignition to wind up the window, alas, it didn’t budge.

After trying manually adjusting the window by pulling and dragging the glass, I tried the auto button again, only to have it not move a 0.001% of milicentimetre. Opened the passenger door and tried that auto button. Still the same!

Back to nudging, pulling and dragging many a times (no, not in that chronology only), I tried the auto button again. Both driver and passenger door side. Many times. Meanwhile, I had mentally chosen the workshop to which I plan to take my car to (after a fast calculation of how much it may cost me). Come to think of it, I was already in the standby mode to call up the office to say I will be coming in late.

Again, to no vail. Last option, call dad.

There comes my dad, and asks me to:
“Restart the car, ma.”

Appa places himself on the passenger seat and tries the button on that passenger door. No change. Goes on to pull, drag and nudge. Then tries the auto button. Haha

“Ma, check the central locking button.”

“I checked that earlier, pa. It’s unlocked.” I reach out to the button anyway and the @&*% glass goes up!

Before anyone makes a ‘*sigh* ladies!’ comment, I did check the auto locking system earlier. And I had it locked again- inadvertently.

And the @&*% glass needed a stronger pair of hands to nudge it!

😛 to you!


3 thoughts on “This morning

  1. That is what always happens, Jay. Once I was having trouble with my modem. I checked out different things and confirmed that it had gone kaput, before calling the h/w service engineer (I was smiling to myself, because it was still covered under the free warranty) and could have it replaced or something. Guess what? When the service guy comes, it works like an obedient dog! I tried to give some excuse, which must’ve looked pretty weak, because of the look the guy gave me.PS: Children also do the same in front of visitors (when you ask them to recite rhymes or things like that). Reminds me of one of the posts by premalatha – < HREF="" REL="nofollow">That’s a giraffe<>.

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