My take on I ask you write 2

So what was Krishnaswami thinking when he said yes to her?

Oh shoot! I forgot that last item that she told me to get for her. Crap! There goes my much awaited leave. Nag, nag, nag is what she’s going to do all day long. I knew I should have taken leave on the 26th if not for that darn Muthu. Why couldn’t I just write that damn list when she wanted me to?!

“Uncle, would you like a packet or two of the latest powder masala? It’s export quality by the way.” Says the promoter with her sweet smile.

“Nila, here are the things you have asked for, including the export quality powder masala that you saw my sister using.”

“She’s not a promoter, but a thevathai from heaven.” Sighs a grateful Krishnaswamy.


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