The Year 2006

This year has been very kind to me. Not that the last couple of years did not, but I think the small things that I did unconsciously fruited this year with a bang. And it took me a whole year and this day to realise that I did have a wonderful year. And expecting the many years to come to be as eventful as 2006.

Happy New Year!


Dear blog,

I am being whacked by a friend who happens to be marrying a supposedly lower caste boy.

Till she met him, it was the typical case of her caste this…her caste that…and everything her caste. She was the castiest person known to me at that young age in school.

Now that she is marrying someone not in her caste/subcaste list, she has supposedly become the epitome of Barathi’s fight against the caste system.

And she has taken it to her stride to whack everyone (unlike her) within 100 metres radius. Oh, did I mention that she has developed a special ‘liking’ to yours truly?

I have known this person since I was 13. Caste was never an issue because we were young. No, caste did not matter not because we were young but because we were simply not bothered. Plus, caste did not have any room in our school/friendship. We were simply too busy having the fun of our lives & rejecting potential suitors ;-). We were simply casteless because we were friends! Just like how race, religion, status and prejudice does not matter to one who sees everyone as a fellow human being.

It is disheartening to note that this is actually happening.

I am keep telling myself that she is doing this just to please/soothe herself as a compensation for her own past foolishness. No. Whom am I kidding? I know the real reason. Heck, I know her. She is merely doing it to supposedly still hold her head high in such a ‘predicament’. Yes, my friend is that proud. And it’s not in a good way.

Honestly, I don’t know for how long I can hold on.


A guy who has been hoping to get married since he was 25 , finally found a decent looking girl to marry him, a short, waif-like creature with annoying high pitched voice who by the way, is very very average looking. Anyway, at the age of 35, his wish finally came true. No, it wasn’t due to love but a marriage broker arranged one. The girl, happens to be a graduate and was working prior to marriage. As a staff of a BPO, the girl as expected, was required to work at odd hours according to the duty roster planned for the month. Since, the job was paying her well and beyond the average sum of a similar position, the girl was a bit hesistant to quit. Fair enough, I would say.

The chap, when he heard of this, was angry. And so, he made the most repulsive remark that I had ever heard and it had me immediate connect with all those oppressed women whom I have read about.

He said with such arrogance: ‘You are free to work at night. But you make sure set me someone before you go.’ This coming from the person who ‘sees’ with whom he talks with for it may have an impact on his family. You see, he comes from a ‘good and respectable’ family. It is funny that a member of a ‘good & respectable’ family would with no qualms make such degrading statement.

Oh yes, the girl did marry him afterall. Even after him making such insulting statement and all. Did I mention that he’s a working class millionaire, by the way?

And yes, he is a friend of mine.

Dilbert material

Boss to his direct report, “You should mingle around with the outstation managers. See xx, I see him everywhere with them. He moves smoothly with one and all without any inhibitions. It’s networking like this that will take you places.”

xx moves with one and all because he and others share a common bond-none of them can stand the big boss. Unfortunately, the very ‘positive’ thing that the big boss sees from afar are the schemes they all intend to pull on him besides the laugh out aloud badmouthing!

Hail the big boss! Hail the corporate world!