Why is that people who claims to know something end up not knowing anything about it at all?

What good do they get by pretending? Especially when it is them who volunteer to assist in the first place seemingly because they are in the ‘industry’. Lots and lots of big words are used. When it comes to closing the deal, Mr/Miss know it all turns the plate only to say, “Actually you have to give me the specs in order for my counterpart to put in together for you.

There are so many for you to choose from.” Don’t I know that?
That’s why I gave you the specs that I wanted!!

What do you think I gave you two months ago? The next bizarre utterance, “Why not you go to the IT Plaza, collect the specs and decide what you want. Just handover your choice to me after which my counterpart would be able to get it done for you.” Oh yes, then your counterpart and YOURSELF can easily get commision on my purchase with ME doing the run around. I might as well make the purchase in the Plaza itself because I have the specs with me already.

Which I did, of course. Not only I got what I wanted, I got it under budget, with all the specs needed, the same brand I had in mind complete with International warranty!!

Work related
Regarding my career, too many things has occured since the last post pertaining to it. But it is still too soon to put it up as a post.

And the daily horoscope from Yahoo is giving me the creeps!

It’s too close for comfort.

An escaped loud thought
Is it alright for a 13 year old to have a fully made face each time she attends a family get together? What if the make up doesn’t actually ‘enhance’ her looks but instead makes her look like a drag queen? This is a real happening, by the way.


Good Bye

Come this March, I will be completing 4 years in my current position. It has been a true roller coaster ride, this last four years. From a jobless grad (for about six months after graduation) with stupid principles* to a senior that I am, now, I am headhunted to join a client. Sounds pretty good, eh? More $$, better benefits, better prospects etc etc. Unfortunately, I think I need some time for myself. Four years is a long time to spend in a business entity.

For starters, my first stint with MNC A was not a exactly a dream job of a graduate. It didn’t help that I was assisting a man who saw all female staff as his designated secretary. Nevermind my degree but heck I was not even reporting to him. At the time when I was about to tender my resignation, I was promoted to my current position within the first five months of joining. Whoa!! Happy! Happy!Happy! My efforts has paid off, what more with the recognition from the boss or so I thought. Let’s save that for another paragraph.

Back to the story, my new position was not exactly a bed of roses. In addition to be given an assignment with a considerable amount of weightage, I was also given the additional task of managing two senior staff, men in that. But these men were understanding and though both have moved on to scale higher mountains, we still remain good friends till to date, making sure we are at the family functions of each. We may not be seeing each other everyday but that doesn’t mean we are not close anymore. We still meet up after work occasionally, nevermind all three are displaced at the moment, scattered in Klang Valley.

First year went by, with raving reviews from the management and senior management. Increment was superb. By the end of second year, I was growing restless. I wanted to do more. I knew I can do more. I applied internally, but my boss was not too happy to let me go. Two more attempts another year went by, still the same. Meanwhile, temporary staff were offered the positions that I had applied for. When I confronted my boss, all she said was, “so & so is having family problems, she comes to my cabin every day crying, what can I do? I did promote you too, didn’t I?” I knew I had to leave the room and the MNC at once.

WTF! Excuse me, woman, that’s not what you told me when you called me into your room four ++ years ago! “Though you are new, I have received very good reviews from the clients themselves. Mind you, these coming from those hard to please clients whom I myself have trouble meeting expectations. Internally, you have understood the processes and have been known to make sound recommendations. Even the senior staff have yet to show that kind of commitment to me. This has gone to the higher management, and seeing your remarkable performance, we have decided to promote you.”

But now, she made it sound as though I am obligated to her because she had pitied me and offered me the post first of all. In case you didn’t hear me, I am not asking for your recommendations. I asked you why aren’t you releasing me.

The next blow was this, “I have to think of x, y & z too. They have been with me for sometime now already.” What the?! Oh yes, how could I have overlooked this? No wonder. How can I expect to move on when I am not following the mantra. The best part is, she knows the former is not true at all. If you want to keep your people happy, do so by all means-definitely not at my expense.

With this I am tendering my resignation very, very soon.

*I-am-not-going-to-secure-a-job-with-recommendations principle

And thus my ‘long’ absence. 🙂