It’s all official

Finally, the day to tender my resignation (from X) & submission of the offer letter (to Y) came yesterday. The last month was a whirlwind, so to speak. News about my meeting with MNC X’s HR went to the higher management within minutes. That triggered a cold war in the office. People (my colleagues) minus my friends were all smiles throwing well wishes. At the same time, attempts to wage a war against my superior was carefully being planned with me holding the central character-as the crusader. Some were on her ‘side’, some on mine when there are no sides in the first place. Knowing too well how things and they are, and them knowing me, sad to say, they were disappointed.

Some not so confidential but important information were flying out in the open, some due to carelessness, most due to the need to gossip. The gossippers got so carried away gossipping that they did not realise it until much later. Not that it concerns me now anyway.

Whatever differences I had with my boss, it was only till the main entrance of the office. Beyond that, I still viewed her as my friend. And that’s how I wanted to leave too. Unfortunately, this was not to be. Instead thinking about it over and over again, I am letting it to pass on. If she wants to have the animosity towards me, that’s her choice. And that ‘animosity’ is not mine for me to be burdened by it.

With that last two statement of mine, I think I found the number two of my inner cleansing mantra:

2. Animosity of others towards me, in no way should burden me.


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