The Rice Mother

A gem of a novel by Rani Manicka. It’s a fantastic read.

Coincidently, my manager was reading Touching Earth.

We exchanged books. It was another well written piece, only darker. May leave the reader gloomy for few days as an after effect of completing the book.

Don’t say I did not warn you!!

Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus

A widely read book when I was in college. No, not by me. I decided to read it for myself what is it all about afterall (a good 10 years or so later). It’s a generalised attempt at dissecting relationships. The two points to take note, however, is that Gray actually gives an insight on:

•What is said (or done) is not a direct implication of the words uttered by either sex
•The things/thoughts perceived may be one thing, the actual implied is another

Other than that, the book is boring.
Did not bother finishing it. It was that boring!