In conjunction with Rajini’s Sivaji release, what can be more suitable than a walk down the memory lane for a fan like me. I watched most of Rajini’s movies years after they were released. Here are some of the best (off hand that I can think of) Rajini movies which I don’t mind watching many times over. Before I start reviewing, I want to rant. Yes, rant. As a fan, I am tired of listening to remarks such as:

  •  He’s a mass hero, just like a certain someone. He takes after him.
  •  He has got style (who’s denying that?), the other certain someone goes for character roles. (Ya ya…with enough character that you cannot watch some movies of his with your family because that much character he oozes). Now, that hurts, doesn’t it. To fans of the other certain someone, please don’t make sweeping statements. I may be a fan of Rajini, but I give due credit where it belongs.
  •  The certain younger somebody who is supposedly replacing Rajini. See, he has a huge fan following, (hmmm), he has got the style (what? what style?) Have you people ever seen Rajini movies at all? Wake up people!!

If you think you are one of those, then stop embarassing yourself for the sake of mankind. Boy, that feels good!!

Now, back to the initial post.

I cannot remember the first Rajini movie that I watched though I vaguely remember Kai Kudukkum Kai, Jhonny, Engeyo Ketta Kural, Anbulla Rajinikanth amongst others. Not exactly the movies in which Rajini shows off his ‘style’. But I became his fan. Not a fanatic, but a fan. The one who truly sees the man for his performance (& style-of course).

As an ordinary husband to a blind girl in Kai Kudukkum Kai, as barber turned villain due to loss of love in Jhonny. No, Rajini did not get the girl. Though, it was a dual role, the other Rajini was no good either. He was a conman. Not exactly the kind of roles ‘actors’ (with exception to some) nowadays would want to take up, right? In Engeyo Ketta Kural as a village ruffian with two wives. And he marries sisters. After one leaves him for another man. Now, that would affect some people’s market, would it not? But not Rajini’s.

In Netrikan, Rajini plays a philandering old man married with adult kids. This may be another dual role, but the ‘son’ Rajini has no impact at all compared to the much older ‘father’ Rajini. How about Puthu Kavithai, where the protagonist loses his lady love by means of her scheming mother? A hero without heroine? A drunkard for a hero? Can a leading man ever be slapped by another? Well, Rajini in and as Annamalai was! And no, he was not a policeman masquerading as a milkman.

Talking about policemen, how can one forget DSP Alex Pandian in Moondru Mugam, and as a doting undercover brother in Paandian? A one armed hero who adores his only sister as he did in Mullum Malarum? How about his roles in Bhuvana Oru Kelvikkuri as a MCP husband to Sujatha, as a low life in Thappu Thalanggal and as a sexist in Aval Appadithan?

Who had the central character role in Adutha Varisu? Not Rajini, of course. Sri Devi shines in that movie without being eclipsed by him. The same can be said about Mannan. It’s Vijaya Shanthi who was given prominence.

Thought of concluding the post, but now decided against it. The best is for one to watch his movies and decide for themselves.


4 thoughts on “Rajini

  1. Jay – a correction – in Bhuvana Oru Kelvikkuri, it is Sivakumar who is the bad guy with Rajini being the good guy. The sadistic MCP husband role was in Avargal.

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