Phone call

Friend: B called.
Me: Aha.
Friend: She’s celebrating her son’s birthday.
Me: Is it? Good lah.
Friend: She’s thinking whether she should invite you.
Me: Ok
Friend: She said you have done a lot of things for her.

Me: What things? She’s hardly a friend to me. She’s your friend, to be precise.
Friend: You went for her engagement, bought gifts for her wedding and visited her during her confinement.
Me: That’s because it’s common courtesy to do so when one is invited.
If you think the conversation ends there, well you are wrong.

Friend: She’s feeling sorry to see you doing all this but she is not doing anything in return for you. If you are married, she would not feel as uncomfortable. All of us are married.

Me: If B is that soft hearted, then she should not have married before her elder sister did. If there’s anybody she should feel sorry for, then it has to be for her sister. Ask her to look into her own house first. And B is very rude to pass such a comment about me when I hardly see her as a good friend. Not that good friends are allowed to make such statements. No. good friends DO NOT make such statements in the first place. Are you a sadist? B makes a stupid statement and you shameless come and convey the same to me! It’s a deliberate act, isn’t it? You sick bitch!

No. I did not say it all. I stopped right after the third sentence. Would have felt great if only I did. But I did not. Shame on me.


4 thoughts on “Phone call

  1. haha.. very true.. 🙂i always wish i could really speak up a give a piece of my mind 2 these pervs.. but they make it all sound so thoughtful like.. which makes it tough 2 do so!

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