•Rajini was awesome. Do I need to say this?
•Screenplay was alright
•No proper intro scene. Had two; one with head covered, the other him coming down the escalator. Or maybe it’s the poor response in the cinema. Darn!
•I still like the good ol’ stars with hei hei hei. Brings back memories.
•The need for Tamilness was overstressed in the movie atleast in the first hour
•No punch dialogues but atharathele? was enough to compensate that. I liked that ‘hit’ Vivek gave when Rajini was about to utter one
•The flipping of 1 rupee coin & the accompanying nananananana. WOW! I don’t mind going again for these alone. (I will go again anyway ;-))
•It’s time for Shankar to think out of the box
•Vivek was alright
•Songs were not great to listen at first (so much so I switch to other radio channels when the songs are aired), but then again, the songs rocked in the movie
•Yenna picturisation….all songs were simply great (with exception to the first one. Nayantara scared me). My personal favourite, Oru Koodai Sunlight. Even the movie was well taken.
•And yes, my mind had Rajini in Mudhalvan while watching the movie. And a certain sadness overcame me when I realised that what a missed opportunity it was for Rajini fans. And what a surprise was it to read that other bloggers felt the same too (thanks to Prema)
•And for those who say leave logic behind when opting for Rajini movies, go get a life! Seriously!


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