Eight things about me that I am proud of myself (Tag)

I have been tagged by Premalatha.

Rules of the tag are:
1. You have to say eight things about you that you are proud of yourself. Then write the rules at the end.
2. You have to tag eight others to follow tag. You have to let them know you have tagged them.
Prema, this tag of yours had given me a sleepless weekend.

After much thought and editing :-), here are my 8 proud achievements-You are right. Once I got it started, I could not limit myself to eight. It goes on to show how much we deprive ourselves of self-recognition:

1. I am proud of my asskicking bold self. I was a timid, insecure child. Only made worse by the fact I was inbetween of generations, ie, I have uncles & aunts are almost similar in age but who were lost souls themselves (they insisted on being the adults that they were not). Same way, the ones in my generation were years apart (those kiddos!). I was an adult/kid as & when it pleased those around me. My life was practically dictated by everyone but me. And yes, I was a confused soul myself too. Not anymore. I found myself. Unpleasant journey but full of lessons. Destination reached.

2. To have graduated in the shortest time with a personal history to pass exams at one go without mugging. Looking back, I had very good grades in school, just did not realise how good it was.

3. Took the hard way up. Jobless for about 6 months after graduation. Did not think I would come this far. But I did.

4. I thought I had friends. Lots of them. But friends do not stab you in the back, do they? Friends do not bitch about you, do they? Friends do not rejoice when something bad has happened to you, do they? Was walking around with some of the knives still attached. They were that good. I did not realise it. And when I did, I said good bye to them all (including some blood related ones). It was not easy. I am not regretting it one bit either. I am proud to have done it.

5. I do not get swayed by emotions that easily. Nor do I accept everthing that is said. I do not agree and disagree that easily. But once I have made up my mind, there’re no two ways about. And I apologise if proven wrong.

6. I am proud enough to acknowledge that I am a fan of Goundamani sir. I just don’t care how people categorise me. Now, how many people can do that! And yes, I tend to sway to the left, when I want to, that is. Most of the time, when there’s majority, you see me right there all alone forming minority.

7. I don’t give excuses.

8. Most importantly I am proud of me-Jay the person. I have a wonderful family, a small but a genuine circle of good friends, colleagues and all these really nice people around me. I am proud to have each and everyone of them in my life. All the trials and tribulations has only brought out the real me out. And I am thankful for everything that has happened. For it has shown me the real me.

So there you go, you guys are tagged!


4 thoughts on “Eight things about me that I am proud of myself (Tag)

  1. I had to, mommyof2. Truth to be told, I am not all unconfused 100% or even all the time. There are some (err make them more than some) inevitable lapses in between. If you get what I mean. 😉

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