Marry Brown

Who: My best buddy and me
Where: Marry Brown
When: College days, a week before exams
Why: Supposedly a study group

Ended up eating and gossiping. Naturally, the gossiping turned to bitching of a particular girl who is very annoying to all but thinks she is godsent.

Anyway, we were really going on about her with our hearts content when a guy who was sitting by the corner walked up to us and said, “Are you talking about Neera from Nilai?.”

My best friend, while staring at him for his blatant rudeness, mouthed, “Who are you?”

“I am actually her friend.” Said the chap. “Is the girl from Uni XYZ?” “No.” My friend still staring hard at him. “Sorry for interupting. I really thought you were talking about my friend. Bye.”

And that is why that was the last time we ever visited Marry Brown’s. (Actually, two more times after that.)

We were bitching about Neera from Nilai. 😉


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