Two Movies

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Is that movie dumb or is that movie dumb?
Boy loves Girl. Girl despises Boy. Boy sings songs describing Girl’s beauty. Collects rubbish belonging to Girl. And expects Girl to fall for him. Tresspasses Girl’s room on her birthday. Expects Girl to fall head over heels for him. Girl’s father, a cop bashes Boy. Boy thinks he deserves to be loved by Girl by now. Girl gets emotionally wrecked by father. Meanwhile, Boy’s sportive father dies. Boy in his haste to see Girl even foregoes father’s funeral unintentionally. Poor Girl having had enough of her father’s mental torture, decides to seek refuge, with who else but Boy (Girl had it so bad that she was willing to go to her stalking admirer).

The best (climax) part, Boy walks away from Girl who has risked her life to live with him. But not before blaming Girl for everything. Yes, he blamed her for missing his father’s funeral.

And this was supposed to be a super movie of the year approximately ten years ago.

A classy colleague said she cried watching this movie. ‘It portrays the love between an elderly couple,’ she said. Knowing her taste in movies, I ignored her. WHAT? I did say she is CLASSY. Fastforward many years later, today, I was fortunate to watch it (ok ok, there was nothing else to watch, and my thumb was sore after channel surfing for so long). Thankfully, it was the last hour or so. By this time, the couple was forcefully separated by their children and they were each living in different houses. Things were super melodramatic, alas, I was still watching. Not for long though, because that is when Salman Khan HAD to make an (re)entry. The dialogues and scenes were horrendous beyond words that I knew I had to hurt myself. Fortunately, my weapon of bad movie destruction happened to be VERY VERY delicious looking murukkus, which I ate, of course. They WERE delicious, in case you are wondering.

•A man’s diary got published without his knowledge. And he was delighted when he was informed of that.
•A man stupid enough to leave his beautiful house and complain that he had no where to go. And no money. Did I mention he was willing to split from him wife whom he loves dearly?
•You should have sold the house, stupid man. And live proudly with your wife without anyone’s assistance. Did I mention he was an accountant?
•Oh yes, the first edition of his book was a best seller and was out of print. And he did not know it. Until the unethical publisher shoved another cheque down his throat. Which he happily accepted, yet again
•And don’t get my started on the antics of ‘son’ Salman Khan



6 thoughts on “Two Movies

  1. LOL – i would agree about your take on Baghban – I too heard that it was great etc. The storyline looked artificial and improbable for all the reasons cited by you. If they wanted an elderly loving couple suffering they should have atleast built the initial part in a more plausible fashion.

  2. Knowing how original our Indian movies can be, I suspect this is a rip off of some old Visu movie. Heck, those who appreciate Baghban must have not have watched Visu’s movies at all. How much more I respect Visu now that I have watched Baghban.I have to tell you this scene, Visitor, Salman & his biwi (Mahima Chaudry-they could have placed a cardboard instead of a biwi character or better still a mirror next to Salman)will be praying, and do what I get to see? A framed picture of Mr & Amitabh in the alter, together with all the other samy statues. How’s that for sentiment?<>Yennale thangamudiyilai!!<>

  3. //Yennale thangamudiyilai!!//een inthi padam paarkiree? 🙂Have you seen Parineeta? You watch first (see, I have the good intention of giving you another reason to eat more murukku), and write review. Then I will decide (since I do not have murukku here). 🙂

  4. <>//Yennale thangamudiyilai!!//een inthi padam paarkiree? 🙂<>Veetiya veetla irunthenle! ;-PParineeta, hmmm I have heard about it, again mentioned by ANOTHER classy colleague. Will drop a line or two, after watching it. That reminds me, try NOT to watch FANAA.

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