On God/belief system

This, another input of mine in the same said forum, Thu Dec 09, 2004 5:06 am.

There are honest believers just as good as honest non-believers.
I am not against God and definitely not against believers.

BUT I do despise people who expect God to do everything for them and blame God if the desired does not happen.

Not everything is explainable. At the same time not all that are unexplainable is a miracle. This is where rationality comes in.

Sadly, quite a many fail to rationalise;instead they are happy being ignorant.

There is a greater power at work. I do not deny that.But I am not in position to say what is it, where is it, how it works or how it looks like. For some that is God. For others, that’s what life is all about-filled with the good, the bad and ugly. Wonders do happen in life and yes, arent we all grateful for that.

All of us see this power precisely. but how we see it is what differs. For believers, this is God;the ultimate power.To this point, all is well.

What you sow is what you reap. Not, you pray, sing bhajan, you are religious. What is the point of practicing a religion when you have no idea what God means to you.

Some start ignorant, as time goes by they realise what God is to them individually and live life accordingly. The majority of believers fall into this category.

The second scenario:
Bang, you are cured by XX, there you go, you were touched by God!
Werent you touched by HIM when you were of X religion before?Whose fault is it?

Your heart’s desires was not fullfilled= there’s a new atheist on the block!

The problem arises when man start to see other things more godly than God himself.

So is this God’s fault or your fault as a person?


3 thoughts on “On God/belief system

  1. I do believe that if man expects god to do every thing for him while he lazes around then it is man’s fault.The other question is if man does everything or is capable of doing so then what is the role of God in man’s life.I feel God concept is necessary to sustain us when things go wrong and spin out of control.As vishesh said in his comment to my post there is god right within us-the voice of our conscience that needs to be carefully groomed to make one sensitive to issues that adversely affect mankind.Or else we’d have more suicide bombers justifying their shameless act.

  2. Of course, but then again I am not sure on what basis your query is. The post of mine was directed to a poser from a particular group in that forum.Perhaps, you can drop me a mail to jaya002@gmail.comWe can take it up from there.🙂

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