On Seetha being Ravana’s daughter

Actually, I watched a movie regarding this version last evening.

When Mandodari delivers a baby girl, Brahma proclaims to Ravana that this child will destroy Lanka/him. Therefore, Ravana will plot to throw the child into the river without his wife’s knowledge. Though he did order the child to be disposed, his heart was still longing for his daughter. Ravana was a devoted father who was keeping tabs on his daughter’s well being as she was growing up. Each time he wanted to reveal the truth to the world, his brothers would stop him indicating what will the world think of a scheming King who even disposed his child for his own sake.


His ego(?) prevails and he decides not to reveal this even to his wife after she suspects that Ravana intends to cavort Seetha. Of course, he was aided by his brother who insisted that Ravanan should keep it a secret. Only to have this very brother to join Rama later during the war.


Soorpanakai, comes in only to test Rama’s virtue and comes back to report to her brother that Seetha in good hands, with both her husband and brother in law being chaste. Ravana is relieved to hear this. It is Soorpanakai who suggests to Ravana that he should bring Seetha to Lanka and explain to her the truth. Unfortunately, things get out of hand with Rama closing on with his army after Seetha was brought to Lanka.


Ravana goes to Lord Shiva to release him from the ‘pain’ he is suffering.
Lord Shiva tells to him that even the Lord cannot undo this as it was a curse of a chaste lady. Lord Shiva then discloses to the shocked Ravana that at one point Ravana had laid his eyes on a female hermit who was meditating to become Lord Vishnu’s consort. Angered by Ravana’s behaviour she curses him that she will be back to destroy him and self immolates thereafter.

And thus she is born as Seetha to avenge Ravana.


In the beginning of the movie, Ravana (shown in the guise of a hermit(?)) speaks to (?) indicating that Valmiki & Kamban misrepresented his story. In the end, Maha Vishnu shows his form to Ravana and acknowledges his intentions. If I got it right, Ravana is then granted to be born as Sisupala (?).


Plants and Cow’s milk

On plants are also living organisms
Why is it alright to ‘kill’ and consume vegetables?
Me: Perhaps, food source with blood are the only ones worthy enough to be protected! I don’t know.

On cow’s milk considered non-vege
Me: Maybe because the source is biologically ‘meat’? Again, I don’t know.

Raasave Unnai

This song, which I thought was about a longing wife’s heartfelt emotions for a husband who has no feelings for her, was not about longings at all.

It’s a different kind of longing, it seems.
Not knowing the true nature of the song, I was humming and singing it at any given chance for the last few months. I was also publicly declaring that it’s my latest favourite song!! Darn lyrist!!


See video yourself

The movie is Thanikattu Raja, a Rajini movie.

Audio & visual-both courtesy of Rajinifans.com

Things that go bump in the blogworld

How more to explain when you see posts by others on the same topic as yours.

I accept if it’s the latest sensation like Sivaji or news, but ones’ thoughts? That too within the same day or at most within a day or two.

Of course, there is a possibility that one may be inspired by others. However, inspiration has no place here because the discoveries are only made after you have posted yours.

Having encountered this twice within the same week is giving me the creeps.

Perhaps, I need to keep the lights switched on afterall. All the time.

Reasons why I blog

Certain issues may seem nothing to people other than you. Yet, it kills you, troubles you, burdens you and your system begs you to relieve it from the pressure it faces. At that point, I blog. Yup, my blog is my venting out venue. It has somewhat taken over the role of a diary. But then again, I do not treat my blog as one. Or do I? Perhaps, it does not seem like one because I have matured? Maybe, many things that bothered me before cease to be anymore? Perhaps, I have grown up, perhaps, I don’t care about such things anymore.

I do wonder if my blog gives out to much negative vibes. Or if I use up the space with mundane stories. I did infact go through this delima in the beginning of the year. I deleted quite a number of my initial posts. Most were true incidents…incidents which I kept bottled up for years. Not a person to share such incidents I decided to vent out. And yes, my blog become both my therapist and therapy.

I met & continue meeting so many like minded people. People with almost similar mindset, temperament and what not. Yes, I found friends.

It seems as though I am finally reunited with a bunch of long lost friends/family.

Nowadays, my aim is not solely for blogging, but rather to visit fellow blogger friends. Laugh with them, to cry with them, ponder with what they have to say. At the end of the day, all that matters is, there’s one more of your kind here. You are not alone.

I think I owe you all a great big hug, for telling me I am not alone.

Fried rice

Who: Me & my colleague (no, not that auntie).
Where: Chinese restaurant
When: Lunch hour

The place was almost packed with two tables empty there and here.

Me: Where do you want to sit?

Yup, that’s stupid of me. What difference would it make, anyway?

Colleague: Anywherelah.

I asked for it, didn’t I?

Me: Let’s go over there.

Nicely seated by now. As my colleague was bitching about her new colleague, the order taking lady come over to our table.

Since the lady was looking at me first,

Me: I will have Hokkien mee and chinese tea hot

Colleague: I will have fried rice but no prawns, anchovies, peas, no egg and make it less spicy. Small pieces of chicken can.

The order taking lady eyed my colleague and then me and started to giggle. To be fair, she did attempt to supress it but alas…

All I could do was to give a shy smile.

The girl could have asked for a freakin plate of plain rice.

All the rejected items and a bowl of rice constitutes fried rice.