The power of earphones

Due to anbuthollai (constant story telling) from an auntie *sigh* at my workplace, my only retreat is to listen to songs and at times, faking it. Buahahahahahaha. Anyway, stupidly thinking that it would save me from her bugging repetitive stories. But no, it seems the earphones pull her to me with greater force than ever.

Yup, yesterday, I heard for the nth time how her husband and son went marketing without her supervision.

And yes, I am one those loudmouths who would only push their loved ones around and hurt them with my sharper than sword tongue (and miraculously still loved by them; because deep down, I am still a sweet little girl :-p).

*Why is that some elderly colleagues insist on us calling them auntie/uncle. Are they that deprived of respect? What is respect to them? To me?


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