My heart weeps for you, Shakthi!
Ajith rocks!

No, I am not fan. 🙂

It’s definitely NOT the Vikram bantha kind of police story.


Origin of Deepavali

As what I remember being told a good 21 years or more ago:
A goddess Bhoomadevi killed a demon Naragasuran

The demon Naragasuran the evil one was terrorising poor mortals. To make matters worse, he had a boon (from ?) giving him an almost complete guarantee against death.

Almost complete eh?:
Only his mother can kill him
Well, which loving and caring mom would do kill her own child?
Thus, the arrogant demon Naragasuran was doing what he does best, terrorising mortals and devas alike.

Things really got out of hand that the demon’s Naragasuran’s mom decided to vanquish her son upon pleadings of devas.
Thus, this came to be kown as Deepavali.

The triumph of good over evil.

My questions are:
Was the killing of a child by mother summarised as triumph of good over evil?

Does it not have a deeper meaning?
Say as in, if a mother could kill her own son for the evil deeds committed by him, does it not mean that we are also encouraged to put a stop to all negativity around us. Isn’t that what the underlying message is?
Also, why is a Lord hoarding the limelight of the Devi and the significance of Deepavali? Male chavinism or simply a classic case of tumpang glamor (sharing/stealing lime light)?

What are your hobbies?

I was too dumbfounded to answer that question when asked. At that point, I was like, “hei, I’m a not a freakin prepubescent kid.” Wait, I’m not jumping guns. I was fully aware what he meant by ‘hobbies’.

That’s what you call fool(ly) experienced. Wait a minute, I’m copyrighting that term.

Ok, now back to story.

His face was plastered with god-help-this-girl look by now.

What is it to anybody on what I do during my free time?
What was he trying say? Was he trying to judge me? My personality?

That’s invasion of privacy!
No wonder I’m still mad at me for replying with some equally stupid hobbies.

Did I mention that he ‘directed’ me to have ‘good hobbies’ like playing badminton, netball etc? You get the drift, don’t you?

Confession time

Yup. I am that kind. I am one of them. A lurker! Happy now?!
Why but why?
Why? You are asking ME why?

How can I comment when I am too tongue tied to say anything? Your posts leave me in awe! They are simply beyond words. That’s why.

Sometimes, your feelings, sentiments, situations mirror mine. How can I add more when you have poured out all that I believed were mine alone. Don’t you get it? I could relate to you!

Instead of leaving some mundane comment such as ‘yeah’, I come back again and again to you. Solely because I can relate to you and I love the way you think, the way you put your thoughts with much clarity and the way you carry your posts.

I feel (and know) that you are in a league of your own and no comments would justify the depth of your posts.

In spite of that of my lurking status, I try my best to drop a line or two when I could. When I do that, trust me it takes me alot of effort. Even it’s a line. Or two. Only. Of course, when you explicitly quote that you want my kind to mark attendance, I do. Honestly. I do.

Well, there you go. I have done my part.

Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) symptoms

If you think you are behaving irrationally, having seemingly bad bout of feelings, emotions, thoughts so unlike your normal self, It’s time to start monitoring your ovulation period for at least three months. If you see a patern, that’s it. You have a reason for your condition.
On the other hand, if you are suffering from external effects like dry lips during a certain time of the month, it may be due to to that three letter word too.
Some of the known and not so common symptoms are:

  • Mood swings
  • Food cravings and over binging
  • Imsomniac/oversleeping
  • Tiresome
  • Leg cramps/bodyache/migrane*
  • Bloating/sudden increase in weight
  • Peaked interest in certain ‘activities’
  • Dry lips and cracked heels

There you go. Of course, you may not have these all at the same time or all the time. One month may see this coming with that and that. While the another month may only have this and that.
The bottom line is, you are bound to have either one in any month. There might be a new one showing up unexpectedly too.

Marriage Proposals Made Easier

Please fill all columns. If not applicable, please indicate appropriately with ‘x’. Incomplete forms will render application void.
Feel free to elaborate. Usage of additional A4 papers to accomodate elaborations/ additional but vital information is allowed.
Delay in updating the proposal form may result in lost opportunities.
1.Personal particulars

Name: Age:
Date, time & place of birth:
Father’s name:
Sub caste:

Mother’s name:

Sub caste:

Still maintaning links with India?:
Which village:
Own any land:
Any well known ancestor(s):

Number of siblings:
Additional information (eq.any intercaste/race/religion marriages, younger siblings married earlier-if yes why):

Gred (indicate seniority/no of staff working under you):
How many years:
Career prospects:
Salary without allowance (strictly no rounding up):
Salary with allowances et al (strictly no rounding up):

Degree/Masters/Phd (anything below, please use the other form unless you are a manager):
What course:
Majored in:
CGPA & Grade:

Additional information(eq. any siblings with higher education level or in overseas):

4.Additional information/compatibility requirements of potential partner:
Skin colour:
Caste/religion (if others are accepted):
Salary range:
Occupations preferred:
Father’s preferred occupation:
Accepted Raasi(s):
Accepted cummulated date of birth (based on numerology):

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