Karma…Why I Love It

•It puts me back in place
•Puts others back in place
•Actions (or rather its reactions) are almost immediate. Though in some cases, it may be slower. That’s secondary however, as it does reveal itself no matter what
•Lessons are learnt
•Amazes me, always without fail

And I’m grateful for it.


The Bet

The first, I won.

Unable to accept defeat, my ‘winnings’* itself was transformed to a bet.

I won again!

*A nasi kandar packet costing RM20. The boys are calling me sifu.

Unknown to them, it’s PMS time for me. No. I would have eaten otherwise too. PMS or no PMS. Bet or no bet.


If your single friends are

running helter skelter upon seeing you/pretend not to know you/not answer your calls or if answered, cuts short the conversation/turns down your get-together invitation or worst asks demands another friend to be invited, the sample questions below may shed some light. And along the way, it may help you save some of your friendship.
  1. Do you advise them how to lead their married life though your marriage is only 7 days old?
  2. Do you tell them to do certain things to get a good ‘catch’?
  3. Do you ask them to get a makeover?
  4. Do you tell them how your husband and you spent the last weekend doing grocery shopping?
  5. Do you tell them how annoying your MIL is? And that your friend should keep her MIL in place or otherwise she will end up just like you?
  6. And that your villain father is a gem of man who adores your husband and your husband is in awe of your dad in return. And how your friend should get a husband whom her father approves as it is very important to have our parent’s blessings. They are old, we should not hurt their feelings.

The answer to the questions:

  1. And the 7 days is enough for you to become an expert in?
  2. Is that how you ‘caught’ your husband? I thought your parents forced you to marry the spectacled guy, the one with receding hairline.
  3. Have you ever looked in the mirror? So what if I have highlighted my hair? Oh, I should not laugh out loud? Oh, the prospective catch, his mother, father et al WILL be put off.
  4. That’s VERY interesting. Tell me again how you both compared the price of the canned corn again.
  5. Wait, wait, isn’t your MIL the lady who cooks, cleans, washes and does everything for you while you are at work? Oh yes, I remember. She watches serials in the evening to relax herself, while you have your bath, eat the food she cooked and complain to one & all on how your MIL doesn’t even give you the freedom to watch TV after a hard day’s work. Heck, even the sambar she cooked last evening was lukewarm by the time you ate at 8pm.
  6. You and I know how your parents were cornered to accept your marriage. The less said, the better.

The bottomline is, if we want your thoughts, advise etc, we would ask you. There’s no qualms about that. Till then, shush!!

It’s not nice having a discussion when the person who is being discussed is not there with you. Making seemingly funny comments like, “I think she’s still on a rebound’ and laughing in a group, at her is not nice. Especially, when the break up itself is six years old. Especially when you know the reason for their break up. It’s not hurtful but simply distasteful.

There may be reasons for one choosing to be single, or there may not be a reason. Most often than not, there might not be a choice at all. Being single is just that-being single.

We singles are already battling these with aunties, far related through marriage uncles, auntie’s second, third etc cousins, next door neighbour, back door neighbours, their sister’s son’s children, family friends whom we last met, and yes the office cleaner with a married 16 year old daughter.

Please do not add to our misery and become one of them just because you a married. We do not tell you how to run your life. You don’t tell us how to run ours.

Conversation this morning

Me: How’s your new workplace?
Her: It’s ok but too much politics.

Me: OIC. It’s almost lunch hour.
Her: Aren’t you going out?

Me: Not today.
Her: I’m having bread for both breakfast & lunch.

Me: Why? What happened?
Her: No lah. I’m bored with the food here.
Lunch has become a routine with me going to any one of the 6 restaurants.

I need time off.

Me: So now you know how I felt! 🙂 I rest my case.


Variation of statements that I have heard for the sole reason of not having the same kind of the food that some had. Thank god, my bored-with-food-nearby-workplace syndrome lasts for a week or so each time it happens. And yup, it’s only the Indians seem to have problems with other people’s food consumption.

“Is that what you are having”
Since when bread and butter become that?

“No breakfast ah?”
Though i would have an assortment of biscuits right before me.

“Pizza? You eat pizza?”

“I must have rice for lunch.”

“Saving money ah?”
Ya ya, Only then I can afford to own a luxury yatch right before my retirement next year. Oh yes, by skipping lunch, I would be able to cough up enough for a tour around the world.

One grand old lady implied (of course, having mastered the great Indian expertise of subtle hints) that I could not afford my meals. Nevermind I blow at times RM30 for lunch on any other work day and that she would not even think of going to certain restaurants which I have gone due to dent that it may leave on her monthly budget.

Some people are either wildly imaginative or simply too iddle judging people.


There’s only so much a person can do. Given the fact that I’m so ‘people orientated’, I did make an effort, a tremendous one in that to get to know people and to mingle around. You know the most difficult thing is to mingle with people who do not want to open their ‘gang’ to you. I used to think it was me. That’s because these people were the friendly and loudmouth kind. Things were pretty bad especially when I joined my first MNC. Being a freshie did not help a bit. More so when I was a freshie not based in the HQ. It did not help that I’m an introvert.

I used to cringe each time I had to go there to the point of having sleepness nights thinking about how am I going to spend the time there. They would group together and yap and laugh only to stop when you are there. Well, that’s a friendly thing to do, isn’t it. Worse still, I have also experinced them switching to another language in a deliberate attempt to have a ‘them only’ conversation. How nice!

Sick and tired of having plastered the fake smile on my face all the time with these people and seemingly I’m part of the group act (AKA I’m friends with all) , I decided to stop the nonsense for once & for all. I started to just be myself. When they bore me, I just be me. No more of the oh-that’s-interesting with-a-fake-smile-on-my-face me. I sit by myself rather then to listening to ‘exciting’ stories like how Ms XYZ found a matching chappal for her glittery earrings . When I’m sleepy, I go to bed. When I want to eat, I eat. I don’t care if the fried chicken in oily or not. If it’s palatable, I eat it. I simply didn’t care for the group’s affirmations. Not anymore.

That’s how I was liberated.

Did I mention I had a small group of my own by the time I left that MNC?

Sometimes, seemingly friendly and joyful people are not that friendly and joyful. People are not as they seem to be from afar. If you are always surrounded by people like this, it could only mean one thing: you are yet to find your group.

To Penang On A Train

I travelled by train, after 15 longs years. On a train, me! Not only that, I took a night express! Not only that I also used the lavatory, when the freakin train was moving!! Yippiee. Yup! I know. I sound like a city brat. But then again, I AM a city kid. Buahahahaha

It was a brief but much enjoyed trip to Penang. Left for the station at 7.30pm for a 9pm train on Wednesday. Reached Bukit Mertajam at 6am. Had breakfast, caught on the latest news aka gossips. Took a ‘short’ walk to have authentic Penang food for lunch. The short, right in front of the main road restaurant was a good 15 mins walk away. I even told my companion that that might have been the longest walk I had in recent months. To compensate my ‘long’ walk back home journey, I was given an ice-cream. 🙂

After a second round of catching up news, I went to take a short nap as my legs were killing me. Not because of the walk but due to uncomfortable leg rest. The leg rest was meant for people with longer legs. Thankful for the nap, I woke up only to be told that I am leaving for Penang Island at 4pm. The actual time I left for the island was 5.30pm. About an hour later minus the picturesque view of the sea from the bridge (most of the view from the bridge was cordoned at eye level as the breathtaking view was slowing down the traffic apparently, I was told) I was finally on the island.

After going around for a while, we settled for food, which needless to say was yummy. After another round of food, we left to the edge of the Penang. This ride took us so long that we only reached the place at 8.30pm. Not forgetting the stopover for a yummy plate of pasembur, more commonly known as rojak to Klang Valley folks like me.After a short visit there and with the introduction of two cuties, we left the place back to Bukit Mertajam. It was only then, it occured to me that those cuties could have been mine. Darn! ;-P

I also happen to see a very familiar looking building. Only to realise that I had dreamt it once. It was in fact a mosque. Not knowing what it significies, I was back to sight seeing from the car.

Penang people head to bed early. So I followed suit.

Next morning, had breakfast. Caught up with some more news. Looked at photo albums, read a book on body language, lazed around only to have guest visiting as I was about to doze off. More catching up was done. Had some nice traditional Malay kuih, vadais and curry puffs for tea. Got ready for the night train ride back home. The hosts whom I visited last night dropped by. Picked up from where we left off last night with the cuties much to the astonishment of others as these two will not move freely with others.

Said byes to all only to return from the station ten minutes later as the actual arrival of the train was delayed. Stayed on for another hour or so before leaving Bukit Mertajam for good. Boarded train at 10 minutes to 11pm. Reached the station at 7. and was back home with fond memories.

Did I mention the couple on the other side of the aisle were making out. Almost throughout the journey. Those darn kids! *sigh*