There’s only so much a person can do. Given the fact that I’m so ‘people orientated’, I did make an effort, a tremendous one in that to get to know people and to mingle around. You know the most difficult thing is to mingle with people who do not want to open their ‘gang’ to you. I used to think it was me. That’s because these people were the friendly and loudmouth kind. Things were pretty bad especially when I joined my first MNC. Being a freshie did not help a bit. More so when I was a freshie not based in the HQ. It did not help that I’m an introvert.

I used to cringe each time I had to go there to the point of having sleepness nights thinking about how am I going to spend the time there. They would group together and yap and laugh only to stop when you are there. Well, that’s a friendly thing to do, isn’t it. Worse still, I have also experinced them switching to another language in a deliberate attempt to have a ‘them only’ conversation. How nice!

Sick and tired of having plastered the fake smile on my face all the time with these people and seemingly I’m part of the group act (AKA I’m friends with all) , I decided to stop the nonsense for once & for all. I started to just be myself. When they bore me, I just be me. No more of the oh-that’s-interesting with-a-fake-smile-on-my-face me. I sit by myself rather then to listening to ‘exciting’ stories like how Ms XYZ found a matching chappal for her glittery earrings . When I’m sleepy, I go to bed. When I want to eat, I eat. I don’t care if the fried chicken in oily or not. If it’s palatable, I eat it. I simply didn’t care for the group’s affirmations. Not anymore.

That’s how I was liberated.

Did I mention I had a small group of my own by the time I left that MNC?

Sometimes, seemingly friendly and joyful people are not that friendly and joyful. People are not as they seem to be from afar. If you are always surrounded by people like this, it could only mean one thing: you are yet to find your group.

4 thoughts on “Liberated

  1. Hmm…Birds of the same feather flock together you see..:)Any spl reason to blog roll me(i see only asha with the same feather)..??jus kidding!!:)Hows the movie Kireedam..I LOVE LOVE LOVE that song..”Akkam Pakkam Yarumilla”..Love Ajith too except for his Bandha!!:)

  2. Saw yours & liked it very much, blame it err the appreciation should go to your potato bondha!! 🙂 I have lost many good blogs for not saving the links, now I make it a point to link them almost immediately for a leisure read & comments later. I liked Kireedam very much. Let’s exchange notes once you have watched it. 🙂

  3. Thanks a lot girl..That shows you are interested in cooking too!!:)(i am the laziest cook on earth belive it or not!!)My best friend here teases me all the time saying “why cant you blog something nice except for these lousy bondas and kozhukkattas..:)”…so its high time I tried some western stuffs as well!!Kireedam..Oh yeah!!Not a big fan of movies..but a lover of songs..esp tamil and malayalam!!:)Any Comments abt “Satham podathey” Prithvi and padmapriya??Want to watch that too..:)

  4. You, laziest cook on earth? You gotta be kidding!! As much as I love to eat, I’m not much of a cook. I’m afraid of spoiling the taste of the very dishes I adore. BUT, I have come out of my insecurities and am attempting to cook. So far <>so good<>, by the way. 🙂Will drop a word or two on ‘Satham podathey’when I watch it.:-)

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