Conversation this morning

Me: How’s your new workplace?
Her: It’s ok but too much politics.

Me: OIC. It’s almost lunch hour.
Her: Aren’t you going out?

Me: Not today.
Her: I’m having bread for both breakfast & lunch.

Me: Why? What happened?
Her: No lah. I’m bored with the food here.
Lunch has become a routine with me going to any one of the 6 restaurants.

I need time off.

Me: So now you know how I felt! đŸ™‚ I rest my case.


Variation of statements that I have heard for the sole reason of not having the same kind of the food that some had. Thank god, my bored-with-food-nearby-workplace syndrome lasts for a week or so each time it happens. And yup, it’s only the Indians seem to have problems with other people’s food consumption.

“Is that what you are having”
Since when bread and butter become that?

“No breakfast ah?”
Though i would have an assortment of biscuits right before me.

“Pizza? You eat pizza?”

“I must have rice for lunch.”

“Saving money ah?”
Ya ya, Only then I can afford to own a luxury yatch right before my retirement next year. Oh yes, by skipping lunch, I would be able to cough up enough for a tour around the world.

One grand old lady implied (of course, having mastered the great Indian expertise of subtle hints) that I could not afford my meals. Nevermind I blow at times RM30 for lunch on any other work day and that she would not even think of going to certain restaurants which I have gone due to dent that it may leave on her monthly budget.

Some people are either wildly imaginative or simply too iddle judging people.


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