Rally on the 25th November

What do I, a regular Malaysian Tamil feel about the rally?

  • It’s an illegal gathering.
  • Unnecessary involment of the British Government and the Queen. The government and our own Yang di-Pertuan Agung were shamelessly bypassed
  • The so called ‘discrimination’ was mostly self made. The truth, the discrimination was and is by far worse amongst Indians themselves
  • Malaysian Indians themselves are not united. The majority of Indians in Malaysia=Tamils are seen as low class by other Malaysian Indians. Our skin colour and anthics of some ‘heroes’ contribute to this
  • The Tamils are far more better off than they were 50 years ago, thanks to the development of our country and fellow Malaysians. Information is free flowing now than ever where previously information used to be horded amongst those in the know, depriving Tamils of necessities like housing & education
  • Unnecessary badgering of MIC. See here what I said earlier this year
  • The fact is, MIC is a political party. Not a welfare association. To expect MIC to do everything is ridiculous. That is akin to begging.

The conclusion: Tamils are a bunch of emotional idiots who do not cannot think far and are deprived of common sense.

Update: Naturally, I have a better perspective to the above now then it was then. Nevertheless, certain aspect of it will remain.



Men who talk about Tamil culture coming in pante suite for cultural events.

The women folk are always advised forehand to dress traditionally. ‘At least wear a Punjabi suit,’ say some. Yup, you read that correctly. Punjabi suits! Don’t ask me. Nope. I don’t know when Punjabis became Tamils. Seriously, I don’t know.