The Fountainhead

I am humbled by Ayn Rand for these:
•For a book so profound
•For procuring apt meaning for selfless and selfishness
•And lastly for creating Howard Roark AND Dominique

Not Good!

I had a not so good time in the meeting just now-with the big boss that is.

Though I had an unexpected ally from the other side, I was taken aback by a same side goal-unexpectedly again. I’m more glad to have an ally from the other side for it means one thing, she understands what I meant and I understood her side of the process.

And a bunch of looney colleagues helped me put back in place. Thanks, guys. (It’s not often one has a run down by the big boss)

Horoscope Alert

Some new book or program — or romantic attraction — has totally hooked you and you may find it difficult to think about anything else. It’s a good time for deep absorption, so go ahead and get lost in it.

Freaky! Freaky! Freaky! I completely forgot about updating my newest post AND I get to see THIS in my mail today, just now?

By the way, I am sooooo in love with Howard Roark!!

Just a little confession might come a long way, but tsk, I have never read a romance book, ever.

Well, that said, the best romance are those which are unspoken. I rest my case, I love Howard Roark. (you will not be forgotten, Darcy).

Malaysian Politicians Say the Darndest Things…

What more can I say about Amir Muhammad?

It’s a must have for fellow Malaysians…having said that, don’t overlook the introduction of the book for that itself is a work of its own…

It’s sad though, to have so many politicians to make a mockery out of themselves and still get elected, without fail.

Here is Amir’s blog and some reviews on his compilation.