To Kill a Mockingbird

Atticus Finch-what a character!
To Kill a Mockingbird-what a novel!



It’s do or die… I cannot be going on like this. Patience is said to be one of my virtues, but when I lose it, it’s just that, it’s either do or die.
Some people from my close circle could be a real pain sometimes. Does that mean I should just slam the door? Why can’t I just give them some space till they come back to their senses? Is it because of past experiences with ‘buddies’ and some not ‘buddies’? Why am I being such a pain myself?

Horoscope Alert

Recent trends continue in your favor, especially as popularity is concerned. Look for a chance to renew an old friendship with someone who now admires you. If the tables have turned, you will nonetheless both enjoy the visit.

Just today, an old time friend of mine called to say Mr X needs to talk to me-after five years of absolute no contact.

You’ve got to make sure that you’re still on good terms with coworkers, fellow students and others who make up your day-to-day social group. They can help you far more than you may realize!

Madam seems to be alright today compared to the weeks before.