The Nederlands

Less than 2 weeks ago, I was told of my maiden overseas business trip. Where to, you may ask? The Nederlands!! Wahhhh…me flying to Europe…Not a dream come true…because I never NEVER ever imagined what more dreamed of flying to Europe one fine day!! That too within a week of my birthday!! Yahoo!

Before I knew it, I was at the airport waiting to check in. The flight was delayed for about an hour. The 13 plus hous travelling time (I was sooo tempted to start pulling my hair by the fifth hour.) And after figuring in the dark how to bring up the entertainment system and watching few comedy reruns (not in the mood for a full fledged English movie,) what did I see watch at the Asian movies guide…Azhagiya Tamizh Magan. Yup! I did watch it & it’s the most expensive amount of money spent on a movie (Four thousand plus RM) which I otherwise would not have bothered to watch on the ground…buahahaha. I would like to thank the fastfoward button for the excellent service provided, by the way.

It was already time for breakfast.

Had a stomach filling nasi lemak and orange juice. Oh yes, how can I miss supper. The chicken rice was simply yummy. Wished they had offered seconds. What? Some people do enjoy in flight food, ok! Before, I know it the pilot was getting ready for landing. At altitude 16000, my ears hurt like hell. That’s a first for me. And yes, prior to having the entertainment system up, I was ohhh ing & wahhh ing (that is copyright protected by me, too) each time the monitor shows the plane fly over Bay of Bengal, the Andaman sea, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Germany, Russia etc etc.

Not used to being looking up to armpits & chests, I came face to chest of a uniform. The Nordic

Immigration officer decided to let another two of his colleagues to have a good laugh at my passport photo and asked me to see them. All this happening between the plane, walkway & the arrival area. That’s it..I’m flying back home… Not sure of what happened next, they just flagged me off as though nothing mattered. The queue at the Immigration counter was slow moving as it was joined with the flying crew exit.

Whether it was blessing in disguise or that my luggage made many rounds on the conveyor belt, I don’t know. But as soon as I walked to the luggage collection area, I saw my bag. Before I was dragged along the conveyor, a few kind gentlemen retrieved my luggage for me. Before, I knew it, I went pass the greenlane and viola,I was at the information counter asking directions to the taxi stand. I said taxi and she heard it as taxes. Waited for the good lady finish explaining on taxes and repeated my query. Simply follow the signboards and the taxi stand in on the left. No need to wait for long as the Mercedes taxis (yup, Mercedes TAXIs) are all there waiting for passangers. The journey from Amsterdam to Breda is about 1.30-2 hours long and it took me aback by 250 Euro.

March 08 @ 12:20am (Malaysian time)

March 09 @ 6:55am (Holland time)

End of part one