Backstabber and a best friend gone bad

That’s the latest ‘news’ which went around when I assumed the new role. I was not giving much attention. What for?
Till yesterday that is, when the ‘backstabbed & person whose BFGB’ (who is now reporting to me opposed to being my senior colleague) decided to small talk when the office cleared last evening. In her own nice and sweet charming way (I’m not being sarcastic-she is known to be the unofficial PR person), conveyed just that….of course it’s not her who is saying that…but people. It did not help that she also conveyed, in her charming way, that the new boss feels the same.
As if it is not enough that I need to deal with another load of shit issues.


The man who threw the TV

This is a long pending thought which unfortunately was held pending till today.

Remember the was a report in The Star about a man who threw away the television because his was engrossed in (Tamil?) serials? Why was the attention on the wife’s ‘addiction’ and not on the man’s mental state?

29 and no more counting

My 29th birthday did not go well- at all!

I was already talking 6 months in advance on how I wanted it to be, you know it’s a milestone. I will no longer be in my twenties next year onwards. I was all hyped up after being reminded that I’m gonna be 29…yes, that’s me… mentally I am still a young adult and was unconciously called everyone ‘uncle’ and ‘auntie’ though theywere not that very older than me. Imagine the shocked/angry/confused look I used to get in return (Solution: use their name).

And yet it did not register. Even when younger kids were calling me ‘auntie’, I was confused. Even told few parents to address me as ‘Akka’. Of course, I gladly referred myself as Jay to my friends’ kids (note: respect does not come by the way one is addressed). All this not because I wanted to be young forever nor did not want to grow up…perhaps I still feel like that shy, timid, unsecure kid deep inside. Though I am no longer like that. Really.

Anyway, the B day came and went. Very very uneventful. I bought a small cake from the neighbourhood bakery. Small enough to wipe the cream off the board in 15 minutes. The end.