I am clocking in 12 hours a day. And I simply love it.

I have a confession

I …went…to…watch…Kuruvi… *hanging head in shame*

What! What else can I do? I was deprived of Tamil movies… Midvalley practically went Tamil movieless for a few months, thus the cause of my deprivation.

Overall, it is not bad in a true Vijay sense…but more of a err…watchable kind. Say, something in the lines of Ghilli.

It’s my big fat mouth talking err blogging again

The readers (lurkers) are requested to acknowledge their presence AND are forced by the ‘victims’ to comment on their blogs. What the heck! Who has got time to comment and what is there to comment (hello!! It IS a time pass). The ‘victims’ first say they risk all by sharing their lives moments with strangers. Fair enough. You have a choice not to. And if you insist…then secure the bloody blog. You rant, rant and rant that you have no privacy and shameless insult the readers as lurkers and yet you leave the main gate of your house all wide and open, welcoming your ‘unwanted’ guests. Of course, when it involves intellectual properties, permission has to be granted and properly acknowledged. That is besides the point, anyway.

Your readers are the proof of your popularity. How do you think you get all the awards? By sheer meditation? Divine intervention? The fact is, you know you are popular. But that popularity has no place for you to show your arrogance.
If you want commenting readers but not the silent ones (the legitimate ones who increases your popularity, then please say so.
I for one, will gladly say, ‘adious, Amigo’!