Certain people are just not born with it

Why do anyone in their right mind want to know if the baby is girl or a boy only to ‘answer’ me and themselves, ‘it does not matter as long as the baby is born healthy. It’s even more irksome, yes, the same beings (I had this coming many times over) add on with ‘What you do think?’ before the self answer.

Don’t ask me if I have scanned.
Secondly, don’t ask me what do I think if you are going to answer on my behalf.

The best happened this morning. Same scenario. But with a slight twist. The twist or whatever you may call it had no relevance to what she intended to say. The only good that came out of it-she realised it too. At least someone did!

Feet swollen like a puffer fish

In spite of that, had the misfortune to hear, “It only starts swelling 8th months onwards. Mine did not swell at all” Did I ask?

Me looking at my feet, ‘Perhaps, my feet has put on some weight? Where the weight changes every hour or so?’

Beats me!

Feet started swelling from 4 months onwards. I can be seated, walking or standing. It does not matter. It swells regardless of what I do. Backache started from 3 months onwards. Cannot stand for long.