Went for Doppler test

and OBGY said, “I will do a c-section this Thursday.” Husband & I looking at each other. Before we could recover from the shock, he added, “no, I will do it today.”

And I underwent a c-section at 6pm on 27th of October 2009.


Bad headache & almost night long contractions

Tuesday, October 27, 2009
Bad headache & almost night long contractions
Had sleepless night. Went downstairs, had two slices of bread, switched on the tv & logged on to laptop till 7am. Sent an email to the bosses at 4am stating my current situation and that I’m on medical leave.

Time for appointment at 9.30am for Doppler test.

Had contraction at work yesterday. As usual, I was trying to withhold pain (something I do best). Freaked out my fellow colleagues who persuaded me to go get me checked.

Went to see mu OBYG after work. OBGY said, “I’m not quite happy with the way you look. Your pressure is high.” Was taken to the labour room for observation & to monitor contraction. He then said a c-section is on the cards as I’m not dilated though the baby is engaged & is pushing. That’s the cause of the headache. The longest the OBGY willing to wait was till next week. Was given a jab to strenghten the baby’s lungs as he has yet to complete week 37. Any further delay on my side will lead to seizure if the pressure goes any higher. That freaked me out. Contraction was present but with interval. Was asked to come back.

On set of week 36

On & off mentrual-like cramps (been through the same during a week after pregnancy confirmation)
Urge to pee is more frequent and painful if not gone immediately
Tightening of stomach
Intense backache
Sharp sharp vaginal pain or rather discomfort
Swelling of the feet all the up way to the calf
Urge to pass motion
Nausea, “here I come again!”