At the OT

The actual procedure took less than 10 minutes and the baby was out. The spinal anesthetics took a long time to administer as the anesthetist couldn’t not find the right spot. I could feel the anesthetics down in my spine and it was an eerie feeling. Within seconds, I felt as though current was running up my legs starting from feet upwards. Not a person who has under gone surgery before, the paranoid me told the OBG & anesthetist this. The reply was, ‘that’s how you should feel.’ The paranoia was that the anesthetics will not work while they are cutting me.

My baby was cooing though only his head was out of my womb as it was being held by the OBG…yup the rest of him was still in me. Tears were rolling down my cheeks …did not expect nor even thought I would tear. My baby was then handed over to the peadiatrician for preliminary check and was then taken out of the OT to be shown to his father.

The bad news: Anesthetics started wearing off within two hours of procedure. I don’t think I can ever forget the pain. I was not given a single drop of water. Apparently, one has to pass gas to be given liquid/food after c-section/procedure. Really?