Baby is three months old today

Took him last night for his Tetanus, Polio etc vaccination.
He is 5.74kgs. His father witnessed for the first time his son getting a jab. Surprisingly, father took it pretty well.


Time to capture N to N’s moments

My baby is 2 months 3 weeks old. Adorable sight he is. From a puny 2.3kgs at birth, he should be around 5 about now. The exact weight will be known next week-when it is time for his scheduled vaccination.

He is crying Amma now…I was beaming with proudness and untold happiness the first time I heard him cry.

He talks (coos) and smiles and smiles and talks. He also talks while having his milk. And I have to stop feeding him and listen. We have mother & son conversations from time to time. And it is getting frequent much to my delight.

As he is being taken care of his grandparents, it is quite a challenge to do things the way I want as they feel I have to ask their permission first. Which is very unnerving as I was not brought up that way. Decisions are all mine and my opinions are seeked by people prior to making decision. If I want advice, I would ask. If I don’t, I know what I am doing.

Unfortunately, the advices and opinions given by them is far from sensibility and rationality-much to my annoyance as they insist they are right. Stubborn they are. I had a horrible one month stay with them as I came back from after staying with my mom for a month after delivery. To the point I was hoping to get back to work before the end of my maternity leave just to get away from them.

Did I mention many comments and remarks were (they were actually bitching about me downstairs thinking our room door was closed). In actual fact, I could hear everything that was said & discussed word for word.

Thankfully, my husband knows his parents too well and managed to cool things. Though it did prove that being caught in the middle is not pleasant at all. Having a babysitter is not an option as my husband is very much against of a stranger having to take care of our baby. The same for a maid. This I managed to convince if not for my MIL who insisted she can take care. Afterall, she had babysat a toddler ten years ago. Of course, she volunteered to take care of our son before I delivered. Now, well, it is a different story all together. Apparently, she is ‘helping’ us to take care of him a.k.a we (err I) are obliged to her.

Can I curse in a baby post?

Take care of him during the day

Amma earned the distinction of undermining Alice’s credibility for suggesting just that. As if Amma didn’t not trust her, was her complaint. Amma was bound to start work in a week’s time. Merely wanted Alice to get the hang of taking care of baby during the day as Amma won’t be around. Plus baby needs to get used to Alice.

Come to think of it, Alice only comes rushing to the baby when Appa or Mr Alice is around. How loving!