Bright light

It was about 6pm when you were attempting to pull the drapes apart while Amma was carrying you. I did it and you were just so excited to look out the window of our bedroom. By the time Amma reach home it is late already. So the drapes are always kept closed.

Then it happened. I had the lights switched on in the room as it is generally quite dark when the drapes are together.

You looked at the room lights, yes, directly looking at the lights in the ceillng. Then you looked out at the bright sky outside. Again you were looking at the lights…then the sky…then the lights…sky…lights…sky…

And THEN it dawned upon your Amma that you are trying to figure how come the sky is as bright as the room lights (or the room has lights but the sky none, it’s bright nevertheless)

I gave birth to a little Einstein, me. *all smiles*

One to One time

It was only the both us. With your appa dropping by the house occasionally. I like it when you and your appa are bonding. Can’t say who is the daddy and who is the baby when you both are together. Amma sure had one of the best times ever.

How could it not when it was Amma & baby all alone at home…*hint* *hint*

We danced, we sang, we played, we watched a movie…divine simple divine.


It’s very very stressful.

What is going to happen? When is it going to happen? Is it true? Really? Not possible? Wrong direction? Right direction?

And I had to be the first person in the whole organisation to get a hint on what may come our way!

I hate it.

I’m restless!


Kissing Amma

Yes, baby. You just do that once Amma carry you. All the stress at work and the thought of coming back to the house just disappears when I see you. And now you kiss me all over my face when I’m back from work. I don’t need anything else when I have you.

I love you too.

Feminism, a few questions

A dear friend, Premalatha, has something to say about what feminism means to her.

A few questions, she has posed for which I have replied.

There’s one statement from her post which stood out (in bold) and I simply love the in your faceness of it.
I also suspect many will be interested in pointing out my mistakes in my theories and questions rather than saying about themselves. This is not about me. Let me be imperfect and wrong. What about you?

What is feminism to you?
She would love to have your reply to her questions here.


or is it Ravanan…Ravana…Ravan…whatever

The vice of that man (King) was that he abducted a married woman.

The much revered man, Rama, got his wife to jump into a pyre (I know the nitty gritty stuff on why he did that, he trusts his wife…did only to proof to his people of his wife’s virtue…blah blah).

Who is the better man?

Frankly, Rama should have just showed his finger to the people and got on with his life with wifey…but no…

Rama, did afterall. went through hell to save his wife. Why did he succumb to public pressure, then?

~This post should have remained a draft~

Itchy Hands

My blog has gone through so many make-overs that I simply lost count-3, 5, 7 times maybe?

Some posts (err many) were removed for reasons which only made sense then. Thus, the reason for fewer posts that it should.

The layout was played with dangerously. Some features were played with unsuccessfully. Count stats added, removed, added, removed, added, removed, added, removed (ok ok you got the drift, I’m sure). 

I hope, I just hope this time the count stats will remain. For a blog which was created in 2006, the count stats is showing a paltry 1600 hits, since the time of this make-over. 

Which was approximately two and a half weeks ago.

Books & more books

I have started reading and the current read is Emma. I bought this eons ago. I did read though (a book, a.k.a 1 book) when I carried my son. It was The Godfather by Puzo-don’t ask.

I have placed an order for few other books-this approximately 2 years after my last purchase.

The rewards, regardless, are coming in quadruples, whereby:

  • I get to indulge in one of the best pleasures
  • Me time
  • I get to shop for books on behalf of my son. Which I throughly enjoying doing  and reading too. 🙂
  • Tax relief buahahaha