Mille Crêpes

Had three slices of those today. It was two farewells, a welcome & a birthday.

Mille means thousand in French.


My heart stopped for a second

when the anaesthetist said a respirator will take over your breathing throughout the procedure. Yup, he said you won’t be breathing. A machine would for you.

And I died in the operating theater when you lost consciousness. It happened within seconds after you were hooked on the anaesthetics. That is not something for a mother to witness.

I will not be able to forget the sight. The way your head tilted back on the table. You looking serene and my heart wrenching. Both at the same time.

All I said to the anaesthetist was, ‘take care of my son, doctor.’ And that he did.
With tears streaming down my eyes, I was escorted out to the waiting area.

I don’t want the both of us to go through this. Ever.

My Sins Against Gender Stereotypes

I am sort of tagging myself from Usha’s post.

What are the 10 manly things I do?

It’s easy to fall in the trap of listing the 10 things ladies don’t do. It’s two distinct statements. Just keep that in mind when taking up this tag. At least, I nearly did.


1.I can side park & reverse park (using one hand in that) at ease. At any given space. I bet not all men can do that.

2.I’m the handy-man/IT tech at home. Formerly my dad’s helper. Fix hinges, trouble shoot laptop, configure/fix electronical/electrical products, phones etc

3.I paint. Yup the grille, gates, window pane, just name it

4.I get ready in nano seconds.

5.I don’t mind getting my hands dirty-willingly. Opening my car booth? No problem. Black oil check? Done. Car tyre needs air? Done. To the mechanic? No problem. Walk in the mud? No problem.

6.I love to wash my car & my dad’s.

7.Heat/sweat does not bother me. Nor getting ‘dark’. How’s that for a gurl? And I roll my eyes when ladies talk about getting all sweaty crossing the road. Bah, women! So, yes. I can walk under the sun with my sunglasses on.

8.I…………..a……..couch……..potato! There, I said it!

9.I don’t cry. Definitely not infront of people. I do emote. You just don’t get to see it. Even when you are staring right at my face. Nevermind, my mind is exploding from all angles. Waves hitting the rock go still, birds are stagnant midway in the sky, hurricane stops without notice. All you see is an ordinary looking face.

10.I hate to iron clothes. Give me any work. I will do. But just not ironing clothes!