My heart stopped for a second

when the anaesthetist said a respirator will take over your breathing throughout the procedure. Yup, he said you won’t be breathing. A machine would for you.

And I died in the operating theater when you lost consciousness. It happened within seconds after you were hooked on the anaesthetics. That is not something for a mother to witness.

I will not be able to forget the sight. The way your head tilted back on the table. You looking serene and my heart wrenching. Both at the same time.

All I said to the anaesthetist was, ‘take care of my son, doctor.’ And that he did.
With tears streaming down my eyes, I was escorted out to the waiting area.

I don’t want the both of us to go through this. Ever.

Down with fever and cold

At 9 months, baby, you are down with both fever & cold. I was told you had slight flu. So, Amma left the office just a little earlier than I normally would.

Upon reaching home, well, it was a whole new story altogether. You looked horrible and sick alright. Thankfully, Appa was already at home and we prepared to take you to the clinic. You were not eating your porridge nor rusks.

I mixed a bottle of milk as your last feed was at 3.30pm.

We were the last ones to be admited in. We reached just in time for the clinic closes at 8pm. You drank the milk. Only to throw it all out on Amma when I attempted to burp you. Burp you did, much later at the doctor’s room.

Yup, confirmed to have flu.  

Back home, gave you a quick hot wipe. Changed your clothes, fed you milk and nasal drops. You were slept. At least for a good hour. Then you woke up.

From then, it was restless sleep till about 2am. You slept well when Amma held you. And hold I did.

You seem better this morning. Smiling, talking and all. My baby. Amma left for work with a slightly lighter heart.

If it is horrible for an adult to suffer from fever & flu, how can words express what you are going through? Get well soon, baby.

Post script: 9 months & you nag just like your Appa when he is down with fever/flu. Like father like son *eyes rolling*


It took you a while to eat blended porridge when you were 6 plus months. Amma insisted you take on cerelac first prior to rice porridge. Mashed banana, pumpkin etc were rejected. Not by you.

Anyway, as you took a liking to the taste gradually, you started to feed on it.

You did not quite like the texture of porridge which was slow cooked.  Amma was not that interested in force feeding you that kind of porridge as you are only 8 months.Due to hastiness, not your Amma’s, the porridge was slow cooked. Which you proved your dislike by keeping your mouth closed shut.

And the cooked rice was not smooth. It was part chunky.

Furthermore, you seem to like the cerelac variety even more. As long as you eat.

The blended porridge was reintroduced last Monday. It was a learning experience for your amma & paathi.
You ate. All of it.

It is now blended porridge & cerelac alternate. Mornings, it is rusks.

It was a challenge not have you feed on anchovies at 6 months. Amma prevailed.

Sexy Chick

Yup, you like that song, baby! You got your grandma & amma laughing seeing your antics. One leg moving to the sound of music, one hand holding your grandma, the other moving up & down.

All the while being carried by your grandma. The other leg was held by grandma. So the movement was very much restricted. In spite of that, you were still grooving! Ha!