New House New Beginning

Cleaned the whole house
Made house liveable
Everything is in its place
Most of the gadgets are tested and in use
What needs to be arranged is arranged
What needs to be sorted is sorted
Did maiden laundry
Had our first guest
Bought sundry
Cooked our first meal
Lots of love and care is noticed and acknowledged 

In summary, the process of making house a home is on.


Simple Living

Nothing like living in your own home & at your own pace. Such peace and quiet happiness. A feeling of accomplishment, a sense of belonging.

The self is finally at home.

~I hope not to jinx this by doing a post~hehehe

N had a great fall

Mind you, there were 2 adults. Yup. TWO adults in the room, sitting on the bed, while the baby was rolling till he went off the edge. Thank god my baby did not hit his mouth against the floor. I can’t bear to imagine that.

I was in the other room when I heard a loud thud. I knew something happened. Within seconds, he started wailing. Running to the room only to greet a huge commotion. Baby rescued & pacified.

Much later, there was visible redness on the side of his forehead. Poor baby.

Among the excuses comments heard:
The bed is low, so it is OK
He is too active

If a small baby can be blamed for rolling over the edge…I guess there is nothing much to be said.

He is alright. He was in pain and was terrified. Any signs of throwing up, I asked to be called immediately.

Six degrees of separation

Parental housing area
1.Neighbor 1 is my MIL’s cousin
2.Neighbor 2 was a former colleague of my husband’s cousin
3.Neighbor 3 is my FIL’s SIL’s sister
4.Neighbor 4 is my MIL’s cousin’s DIL’s MIL’s mother

In laws housing area
5.The few doors away neighbor of my in law’s is my friend’s friend’s father
6. The one row after my in laws has my aunt’s cousin living there
7.Neighbour 4’s daughter knows my MIL

8.My husband’s best friend’s best couple’s better half is my childhood good friend
9.Another good friend’s cousin is my husband’s best friend’s (the number 8 guy above) former college mate
10.The same number 8 guy’s brother’s girlfriend & I studied in the same college. That’s how I recognised her
11.Yup, the number 8 guy seems to be our x factor-his uncle & my family are the lost in touch family friends years before

Notice how my husband  and I were so close by, yet totally unaware of each other’s existence. Till we met.

12.My colleague’s neighbor is my husband’s colleague

i)My husband and I have studied in the same area without meeting each other
ii)We have worked around the same area few years apart
iii) I have gone for an interview to the same place he has gone for site visits
iv)I was working next door to the place he has gone for site visits
v)We have had lunch in the same restaurant, around the same time, at the same industrial park both of us were working
vi)He bought  a condo (before our marriage) a mere 10 minutes drive away from my parent’s house.

Not once we met. Or was it we saw each other but simply did not see?

And the best of all, my husband is not even a local! He’s from the northern region while I’m the happening girl from the city! Hah!

Weird huh! Destined to meet ah?