I am driving pretty fast lately. Make that since last year. I sort of had that covered. Well, I was carrying a baby boy! See, you can get away with so many things when you are pregnant. 🙂 I think that was the only thing I got away with.

Anyway, back to the post, I realise I have begun to drive within the speed limit. Just like I used to.

What can I call that? It may not make sense to the rest of the people. In a way, I think, it does to me.

I’m linking it to me being assertive.

The only time I ever felt in control all these days was when I drive. I determine the speed as fast as I can go. I drive the way I want to. As fast as I want to. Or at my own pace. People can ask me to slow down. Then again, do I need to? Or rather, do I want to? Listen to you? No way. I hold the steering wheel. You can say all you want. I hold the reign here. You got that. Not you.

All the fast driving was just a play of psychology. So to speak.

And I owe it to myself for choosing to be assertive. Love you mum & dad.  And my lovely blings.

I’m simply tired of being bullied by the ‘timid’. Shame on me if I let them to again.

I had to change both my car’s rear wheel bearings. What has that got to do with this post? I can drive faster now that wheel bearings has been replaced. Maybe the car did slow down. Not that I have slowed down.

So much for a retrospective post. Bah!


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