Spongebob Squarepants

You were having quite a temperature the week before. No, you were not having fever, yet, but your body was warmer than usual. That’s mommy thermometer for you.

I was worried sick. To the point of taking your temperature almost every half an hour to an hour. Had a small nagging doubt. Could it be due to your outcoming tooth? The one giving us a peek for the last couple of weeks or so?

True enough, the peeker revealed itself a week later. Much to your Amma’s relieve.



That is what I am!

Otherwise, how can a very private & personal matter, spoken behind closed door is out in the open?


My thatha (grand uncle), Mr Kasinathan, passed away on Saturday, 18-09-2010. May his soul rest in peace. He wanted burial rites. He got just that. Was a Vallalar follower. A good man. It rained just as his coffin was raised.

You will be missed, thatha.

Planning a birthday party

for my little man.

So far, we have finalised:

~ the menu
~ the caterer
~ the date
~ number of pax
~ number of tents/tables/chairs
~ the kind of party…it is not a kids’ party despite the birthday boy being a year old. Too many above 60s are to attend. Sad huh! So my plan to invite a clown was crushed.

What to be done next:
~ cake! What kind of cake? I have two cakes in mind. One for aesthetics, the other for yummy factor
~ What shape? What does N like? Robot (Enthiran was shot down before I could say out the last syllable. No. I would not have. BUT I tried my luck anyway. Hehehe
~ dinosaur cake? Umi Zoomie?
~ party packs
~ send out the invites, err by making calls
~ birthday boy’s attire (he is wearing Jippa)
~ photographer

Have I missed anything else?

Walker story

How can I forget to do a post about you on your walker?!
Bad amma.

Anyway, long story cut short on how Amma had to delay the purchase at 9 months instead of 4, yada…yada…yada…how babies on walker develop bow legs yada…yada…yada…how friends (not mine) advised not to use walker yada…yada…yada…how your periamma & appa did not have one yada…yada…yada…

Long story cut short, eh?

Anyway, Appa & Amma finally got you a walker. Which took you about a day or two to take a liking. Now, we have to run after you. No more the crabman, you. You can zoom ahead, ‘reverse’, go side ways intentionally. Initially, you were going sideways without intending to. That was a fun sight-thus the crabman reference. Now, just name it. You are a pro in manuevering-much to the supervising adults chagrin. 🙂 Gone is the pretty vase your periamma bought from Turkey. So is the sheeshah.

The side tables are all cleared off its ornaments. The tv cabinet is blocked with your rocker. You like to creep slowly to the cabinet and fiddle the dvd player as though people cannot see you doing that!!

And your grandma has removed the two kuthuvillakus adorning the samy medai. You are not living the Vinayagar in peace too. He is without his customary shawl. The remover of obstacles has his shawl removed. Hah! 😉

Another two showing

Another two whitest of the white buds are showing on your upper gum, baby. One of the two is 2 thirds out. The other has the tip budding a quarter.

It is nice to see you gnawing your mouth like a calf.

This is your milestone nearing the completion of 10 months.