Emerging Leadership

I went for a two day course. A real eye opener. Not more so in learning something new. But rather it was seeing those things which was all around me, all these while.

I’m adapting what ever I saw, learned, discovered, uncovered the last two days as much as I can in my personal life. True enough, I can feel the positivity. Both in my mind, heart and being already.

The trainer did not say do good only, think positive only, forget about past and all that shit. Most of the courses made me puke for those very reasons. Me no angel. Me not a mahatma. Me lady Jaja! He simply asked to accept it (whatever that is bad), in other words, acknowledge it.

Anyways, he tailored the course in a way that by the end of the training, I knew what a leader should have and should be: him or herself!

In your face training, it was not. Thank you, Bryan Ng.