This time around last year

I was waiting for you to come out. It was simply too exhausting for Amma to carry you around. Way too exhausting.

With you moving around in my tummy and me in my pregnant condition, driving and working at that. *sigh*

It’s almost a year after delivering you. Till today, there are my colleagues (men in them), have commented they have never seen any pregnant ladies going through what I did! My pregnancy is termed as the difficult one. 🙂
Truth to be told, I did not feel the ‘burden’ of pregnancy. Then. Though I was going through tough times, not once Amma told myself that I am suffering.
Much much later, as I recalled the pain and difficulties, did I realise the magnitude of it all. Inclusive of the c-section and the healing process.
Did I mention that my wound did not heal properly? That I had to get another two minor procedures done? Minor, eh, OBGYN? Come, you lie here while I cut through nearly 3cm of your already cut and sewn skin.
Did I mention it was without any aneasthetics? Did I?
Here are some snapshots taken during an Appreciation event taken at Amma’s work place last year this time around. Your Amma was one of the appreciatees, if there is such a word. 🙂
-Photos removed-

That’s me in my 154cm height carrying additional 20kgs. I lost all but 2 kgs. 11kgs in the first week of delivery.


Amma is hot*

*it’s not what you think. Read more to get down to the story. 😛

and with that you point the dvd remote control to the air cond. As long as you are given ANY remote control, you automatically point it to the air cond-trying to switch it on. 🙂

Most of your pyjama pants have ‘shrunk’ up to your ankle. Or has my baby grown that fast within a week of staying with grandma & grandpa?

In preparation to your birthday, you had your second hair cut. I didn’t know you had that much hair on your head. That explains your sweaty head.

Talking about that, your head gets considerably sweaty very fast. To the point, your pillow, err, Amma’s, would have a circle patch of sweat. Even though the air cond is on.

The Storyteller

N is telling me stories. In his own baby language. And how animated he is when he does. His father and I were so amazed seeing him talk like that for the first time.

Not only that, he pats himself when asked where N is-that’s another new thing he’s doing.

Planning a birthday party II

So far so good.

~items for party packs are ready with exceptions to edibles
~paperbags are ready
~jippa for birthday boy is ready (inclusive of alteration). Since birthday boy will be wearing jippa, birthday boy’s mom will wear a punjabi top
~finger food ordered
~invites are out
~map drawn
~balloons & banner bought
~eggless chocolate cake for vegetarians ordered
~a dear friend will be the designated photographer

And I was accused by N’s father for wanting a robot cake. It seems it is because I like robot. Not any robots…think Enthiren. *eyes rolling*

N likes robots. It was either a robot cake or a Llama cake. Why would you have prefrerred? So robot cake it is. Why robot/llama? because N’s numbers DVD has these and he shows excitement the most when these two entities appear.

I had other characters like Team Umizoomi, Handy Manny, Little Einstein, even Dora in mind. But alas, the birthday boy gets what he wants. So I custom ordered a cake. After a couple of hours googling, I found a robot which looks closest to the one in the DVD, inclusive of the color.

Even N’s father has not seen it. Yet. Here, I present to you:

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Emerging Leadership

I went for a two day course. A real eye opener. Not more so in learning something new. But rather it was seeing those things which was all around me, all these while.

I’m adapting what ever I saw, learned, discovered, uncovered the last two days as much as I can in my personal life. True enough, I can feel the positivity. Both in my mind, heart and being already.

The trainer did not say do good only, think positive only, forget about past and all that shit. Most of the courses made me puke for those very reasons. Me no angel. Me not a mahatma. Me lady Jaja! He simply asked to accept it (whatever that is bad), in other words, acknowledge it.

Anyways, he tailored the course in a way that by the end of the training, I knew what a leader should have and should be: him or herself!

In your face training, it was not. Thank you, Bryan Ng.