Being a maidless mom surely takes a toll on the body and mind.

Does that mean I get to drop the housework and rest?
Hahahaha Nice try!

Did I mention it is was the first day of Karthigai today yesterday? It is one of the festivals I like and look forward to because of the lovely lighted lamps? I made pongal. It is not my family’s custom. Made it anyway for the fun of it.

Turned out well it did. A little bit of bragging here-it was super duper yummy. In similar lines of koyil prasadam. The best acknowledgement was from my husband who normally takes one spoonful. That one spoon is eaten forcefully to get away from my pestering to eat. He actually said ‘nice, honey’ and asked for a second spoonful. And for a helping later.

Ahhh tired but worth the effort. The house is quiet except for the TV noise. Son is sleeping, husband is sleeping and I’m blogging while watching TV and having a nice chilled drink.

Aahhhh, simply divine!

Ps: I was watching this funny movie called Kalavaani (thief) It took me almost a week (from the time the promos were aired) to realise it was ‘thief’. For I thought it was Kalaavaani (perhaps named after the heroine’s role). She was named Mahes. How come? Then it struck. The ‘then’ was not immediate, mind you. *sigh*


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