Nothing but walking

The boy wants to walk err ‘run’…
I am supposed to hold his hands and walk with him…EVERYWHERE!

His personal favorite, WALKING up the stairs.

The other stuff that he is doing is TALKING…pointing to things, saying things, explaning things. All in baby language.

Occasional ‘car’, ‘clock’, ‘fan’, ‘star’ and other known words are thrown in from time to time.

2010: An introspective

Is it a good year? Or a bad year? To call an eventful year is an understatement.

A challenging year? A depressing year? A year that I want to forget?  Or the one I will remember a life time?

The year that made me cry the most? The year I received unprecedented insults and humiliations? Or shall I call it the year that showed me what parental love is? Or the unconditional love a tiny tot can show the being that carried him?

The year which pushed me to the extreme? The year which gave me so many firsts? The year which truly made me appreciate my friends/colleagues more than in any years came by? Or the year which made me realise the importance of family? And made me reach out to those who matter?

The year which made me go out there? The year which made me say bring it on? Or say f*&k it may?


Only time will tell, 2010!

I had my head bald

No, not due to depression :-).

Given the series of depression inducing posts of mine, I would not blame anyone for jumping into that conclusion. 🙂

I have fullfilled a vow I made this year.

With my son and mother next to me and my husband (with the other half of the family outside the barber shop), and with a stray tear or two, I had accomplished the deed.

I am now the official mottai boss of the family. 😉

Husband was trying his level best to dissuade me from doing it. The persistent ‘no’ won!


N received two slaps on his butt, twice. Why? The first two for refusing to finish his rusks. The second one was in the bathroom because he was about to dirty himself-while having a bath!

I had soaped him cleaned and was about to give a good shower before drying him. What did the boy do? He was heading to the toilet bowl and nearly went touching it by milimeters! There and then he received two slaps on his buttocks.

He didn’t cry. He didn’t even flinch a bit. So much for adi! This is not the first time he is getting adi.

I did feel bad after that. Not so much for hitting him but for raising my voice at him. I could have controlled myself better. Nobody likes to be yelled at. Or more precisely, NOBODY likes a yelling mom. So, there’s something I have to consciously work on.

 And I said sorry. But not after telling him why I had to hit him.

Did I mention the ground rule in the family? Only I can hit N. Nobody else. Under any circumstances!

Looking resplendent like a mappilai

That’s how N looked in his Jippa, for his very first engagement cum wedding outing.

Unperturbed by the surrounding hulla balloo and the attention he was receiving (grandma was showing him off to everyone), the lil man was cool all throughout. He even slept for a good hour or so amidst the mirthangam sound.

The little man went for a wedding dinner the following night. Another first and more ammo for me to pester his appa to take us out more often (a.k.a family vacation). 😛

He has another tooth sprouting!

Post script 1: N wants to be with me all the time. This is the second weekend in a row where I had to cook carrying him.

Post script 2: N is all attached with his grandparents. He is crying each time we leave my parents’ place.

New words

N shows chin, amma’s elbow, amma’s stomach, his privates when asked. I make it a point for him to know his privates. I tell him no one is supposed to touch his privates. He is only one, no doubt, but such things are complusary for a child to know. Regardless of age and gender.

The staircase leading to my parents’ room was dark. What did the boy say? ‘Dark’. He calls out my brother ‘Vesh’, scolds the dog along with my parents, says out loud the last word(s) of each lines of the nursery rhymes, calls out to his ‘tata’, can ‘dance’, wants to play with his cars.

He can stand by himself, attempts to climb up the coffee table. Holds the sofa/coffee table and walks holding those for support.

One of his most notable milestones, the boy has taken few steps on his own. At the age of 1 year 1 month. Hardly wants to be carried. Wants to be walked around. 

His father is really excited.

By the way, his appa lowered his bed in the cot. N is too tall for the cot and it is way too risky, now that N can stand on his own and has started giving us the naughty look.

Hectic Hectic weekend

N took a while to recover from cold. And I had the three combo of fever, flu and cough as well.  Not good, you may think. I had the fourth of the best pals, the headache too. It was altogether fun, when N woke up almost every two hours while I had the pounding effect inside out of my head, throughout the night. It did not help N wants to be with me at all times during the day.

With no sleep, no proper food, no rest, I was dying. The saving graces were the occasional phone calls from my mom, my darling son’s ‘I want to be with Amma crys’ (I know I am crazy), his baby smell and my ‘trying very hard to remain helpful and sane’ husband’s  (love you baby) little help there and here kept me alive.

I was given medical leave on Friday when I when to see the doctor on Thurday after work. The medical leave was forced by my doctor who said I needed rest. Sensing the long weekend, I decided to clean, mop, tidy the house. Not such a wise move. Who thought I was going to have it that bad?

* Did I mention I received a good neck rub and head and shoulder massage just before retiring for the weekend? We were simply too tired to do anything else. A good massage was what I needed anyway.  The massage lasted for less than 5 minutes, by the way.