For some reasons, I’m looking forward to Christmas this year.


2010: An introspective

Is it a good year? Or a bad year? To call an eventful year is an understatement.

A challenging year? A depressing year? A year that I want to forget?  Or the one I will remember a life time?

The year that made me cry the most? The year I received unprecedented insults and humiliations? Or shall I call it the year that showed me what parental love is? Or the unconditional love a tiny tot can show the being that carried him?

The year which pushed me to the extreme? The year which gave me so many firsts? The year which truly made me appreciate my friends/colleagues more than in any years came by? Or the year which made me realise the importance of family? And made me reach out to those who matter?

The year which made me go out there? The year which made me say bring it on? Or say f*&k it may?


Only time will tell, 2010!

I had my head bald

No, not due to depression :-).

Given the series of depression inducing posts of mine, I would not blame anyone for jumping into that conclusion. 🙂

I have fullfilled a vow I made this year.

With my son and mother next to me and my husband (with the other half of the family outside the barber shop), and with a stray tear or two, I had accomplished the deed.

I am now the official mottai boss of the family. 😉

Husband was trying his level best to dissuade me from doing it. The persistent ‘no’ won!