N received two slaps on his butt, twice. Why? The first two for refusing to finish his rusks. The second one was in the bathroom because he was about to dirty himself-while having a bath!

I had soaped him cleaned and was about to give a good shower before drying him. What did the boy do? He was heading to the toilet bowl and nearly went touching it by milimeters! There and then he received two slaps on his buttocks.

He didn’t cry. He didn’t even flinch a bit. So much for adi! This is not the first time he is getting adi.

I did feel bad after that. Not so much for hitting him but for raising my voice at him. I could have controlled myself better. Nobody likes to be yelled at. Or more precisely, NOBODY likes a yelling mom. So, there’s something I have to consciously work on.

 And I said sorry. But not after telling him why I had to hit him.

Did I mention the ground rule in the family? Only I can hit N. Nobody else. Under any circumstances!


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