A little (nah!) update on the first month of the new year

it has been awhile since I last posted. Work has kept me busy. Not that I’m complaining. ūüôā

Anyway, life has been good. I have become a better mom in managing my time. If N takes 2 hours to sleep, I no longer lose it and yell. I no longer curse. I don’t nag hubby. Either I feed him (the son, not the man heh!) extra warm milk which works like a miracle OR bring him downstairs to either play, watch tv or simpy do whatever he pleases. The boy then climbs on me indicating he is ready to sleep.

This, my people, comes with experience.¬†Only when you let¬†go out of frustration!¬†I feel like kicking myself thinking about the ‘has beens’.

The same I did when N refused to eat. I let go. No longer shouting and yelling till the neighbours could hear. I simply stop. No longer stressing myself, I am. There, easy isn’t it. I stopped blaming myself. Enough of the little annoying perfect mother in my bald head saying how could I not feed my son well and successfully? Now, the bald momma that I am simply head butt the little perfect mom and choose to be the smart mom instead.

Moral of the story:
Let the boy come to me! On a higher note, I’m more grounded now. It’s time to savour motherhood!

Hmmm, perhaps, I should do the same for the hubby, too….

I’m not finished with the post yet…wait!

My resolutions (the first whole whole whole hearted list in years):

  • Pamper myself-at the drop of the hat. Don’t think too much to buy… a grande Ice blended from Starbucks, for instance
  • Care for myself more, especially¬†during weekends-at least brush my teeth and apply body lotion before running to dry the clothes, cleaning the house, prepare breakfast or even to wash my son’s soiled bum. Poop can wait!
  • Read books. At least one a month for starters. Last year, all I 3/4¬†read was Jane Austen’s Emma. That was the thinnest book I had at home. Even that, I cheated by reading few pages before the end. Not that I didn’t know Emma is going to fall for Mr. Knightley. I am reading The Stars Shine Down 3/4 and would probably miss the mark of 1 book per month. I have been watching tv (a lot) nowadays. Secondly, I think I can make it up for February.

Till then ciou!

One more thing. If I could cook well then, I could cook better than well now. And consistently. Note the word in bold letters.


2010 milestones & Boo Boos


  1. Have acquired map reading skills AND could give clear & proper directions
  2. Became a born again Hindu.
  3. Became more assertive at work
  4. Realised personal turbulance has no effect on my work
  5. I have become more social
  6. No longer tongue tied and shy¬†to approach or talk¬†to people, and even do stuff that I normally refrain when people are around. The ‘stuff here does¬†not refer to any¬†‘picking’ or ‘scratching’. hahaha
  7. And yes, I’m more gross verbally-in the above sense.¬†hehehe
  8. I ‘go out’ there to do things like this. No more ‘I’m shy’ or ‘I will do it later’ approach

Overall, I became the risk-taker that I was not. It did change my outlook in life and made me receptive to many good things and good people that were out there which I could not ‘see’ before.

Boo Boos

  1. Became a nagger.
  2. Was holding on to certain unpleasantnes
  3. Did not read a single book. Did¬†attempt to read Emma which was left half way through. Sort of ‘completed’¬†it by cheating. Read the last few pages and put aside the book for good.

Naturally, I want to¬†‘undo’, ‘move on’ and start reading all in that sequence of boo-boos.