2010 milestones & Boo Boos


  1. Have acquired map reading skills AND could give clear & proper directions
  2. Became a born again Hindu.
  3. Became more assertive at work
  4. Realised personal turbulance has no effect on my work
  5. I have become more social
  6. No longer tongue tied and shy to approach or talk to people, and even do stuff that I normally refrain when people are around. The ‘stuff here does not refer to any ‘picking’ or ‘scratching’. hahaha
  7. And yes, I’m more gross verbally-in the above sense. hehehe
  8. I ‘go out’ there to do things like this. No more ‘I’m shy’ or ‘I will do it later’ approach

Overall, I became the risk-taker that I was not. It did change my outlook in life and made me receptive to many good things and good people that were out there which I could not ‘see’ before.

Boo Boos

  1. Became a nagger.
  2. Was holding on to certain unpleasantnes
  3. Did not read a single book. Did attempt to read Emma which was left half way through. Sort of ‘completed’ it by cheating. Read the last few pages and put aside the book for good.

Naturally, I want to ‘undo’, ‘move on’ and start reading all in that sequence of boo-boos.


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