It is what corporate world is all about?

What happened to trust?
What happened to honesty?
What happened to being a human?

Is life all about deceiving?
That you choose to build friendship just to achieve your personal goals? Whatever happened to being part of the team?
The team is your stepping stone? And nothing but just a puny stepping stone?

And you…I thought you were better than that! You have made a decision that is going to ruin the very thing you painstakingly put together.


This just occured to me

How can a good mother who has nothing but love in her, turn outto be amean spirited mother-in-law? If you have so much love in you, within you, wouldn’t you ooze nothing but love to everyone around you?Or even, take better care of other people’s child (daughter-in-law) than your own?

Why is that lacking? Why?