It is what corporate world is all about?

What happened to trust?
What happened to honesty?
What happened to being a human?

Is life all about deceiving?
That you choose to build friendship just to achieve your personal goals? Whatever happened to being part of the team?
The team is your stepping stone? And nothing but just a puny stepping stone?

And you…I thought you were better than that! You have made a decision that is going to ruin the very thing you painstakingly put together.

The killer weekend

I was N’s maid servant for the weekend. Wait. What’s new about that? Let me rephrase my first sentence again. I was N’s maid servant on roller skates for the weekend. He refused to sleep at both nap times. He was into Amma more than usual. 

I was tired and became cranky myself. When I am cranky, the husband is at the receiving end. 😀

N is 1 year 4 months 4 days old.

This just occured to me

How can a good mother who has nothing but love in her, turn outto be amean spirited mother-in-law? If you have so much love in you, within you, wouldn’t you ooze nothing but love to everyone around you?Or even, take better care of other people’s child (daughter-in-law) than your own?

Why is that lacking? Why?

The bell

A small bronze bell that N plays with fell on his feet last night. Don’t ask me why is he playing with a bronze bell.  This happened moments before I reached there to pick him up.

I asked him on which leg did the bell fell on? My baby carried his left leg and showed me. I was in awe. My baby could comprehend what was asked of him!

This morning, N woke up and said  ‘car’ with his hand with what looked like a ‘don’t have’ signal we tend to gesture. Basically, what he asked is how come he is not yet in the car today.

N is 1 year 3 months 30 days old.

A fair weather mom?

The last few nights saw me raising my voice at N. It all started like this-I fell asleep together with him on Sunday night. That’s how he ended up sleeping with us. And it became a custom of sorts for the following two nights just after his 3am milk feeds.

Previously, I carry him back to his cot after he dozes off having his 3am milk. So what happens next is this, the boy:

  • starts to go all around the bed. The slightest bodily contact with his father or me will irritate him where he gives out the fussy cry
  • the same when he comes in contact with the comforter, pillows
  • gets all restless and gives the same fussy cry even though there’s no bodily contact

First cry, I remove all objects away from N. Inclusive of pushing Appa to the edge of the bed. The second and consequetive cries, the mom in me patiently consols N. When it goes on again a couple of minutes later, voila! Amma becomes Ammazilla! For next few seconds. Then guilt kicks in. Not before comtemplating if I should put him back in his cot. In my mind, that is the a VERY badass thing to do to my son. Yes, I’m rolling my own eyes too! Cos that’s exactly what I would do if someone else told me!!.

Anyway, I then kissed N and slept it off.

Could it be that I was dead tired the last few days? Or that the little one is making its presence felt? A force to be reckoned with? Or he simply wants his own space? That soon?

N is 1 year 3 months 29 days old.

Trip to the National Zoo

I was excited to take N to the zoo. Just because he has started to walk. He was excited to see some of the known animals. On other times, he was more than happy to walk all by himself. He refused to be held.

It was on the first day of Chinese New Year, 3rd of February 2011

By 2.30pm, N fell asleep in my arms. Tired with all the walks.

Chipped tooth

I was sitting moments away from N when he fell. Fell on his bum with his fromt tooth hitting against the glass top of the coffee table. Poor baby, he was in pain alright. He was bleeding and I was trying hard to consol him. As though any consolation could ease the pain my dear boy was going through!

He could not even drink his bottle milk due to the pain. Took a while to sleep that afternoon.

N is 1 year 3 months 27 days old.

Appa-ism 101

Amma to Appa: N looks like Mel B’s daughter Angel.
Appa to Amma: You are not Mel B. *sigh*

N is about the same size as Angel and has slight resemblance to her.

N is 1 year 3 months 22 days old.
Post note: I might have overdosed N with sliced Kraft Cheese yesterday. Gave him 5 of those. Poor baby went kaka 4 times.

Rashes on the head

N was found to have rashes on his head. Took him to the peds this morning. He was given an antibiotic to be applied on his head.

The last couple of days, his body temperature is warm, with no appetite to eat or drink food-with exception to his favourite Kraft cheese.

N is 1 year 3 months 20 days old.

Edited to add:
The rash or rather reddishness disappeared few hours later.