I’m in Jakarta, Indonesia

for a business trip. With a heavy heart I prepared myself mentally to leave Malaysia on the 13th of March.I could not bear to leave my son and be away from him for a week. When I first heard the about the proposed trip, I was secretly hoping it will not materialise.

Alas, I psychoed myself that it will be for the best-both for business needs & a personal retreat of sorts.

As the trip was nearing, I was rearing to go. The excitement of lone travelling building up, in a plane, me in a five star hotel all by myself, having to eat hotel buffet breakfast (being the pig me), hotel bed…awww…

With a little surprise thrown in, me not complaining!
What more when the business trip is a sponsored one!


Feeling Guilty

very very guilty!

Updates on N:

  • I have changed his milk from NAN 2 to NAN 3. The catalyst? Him not finishing his bottle milk.
  • He is teething again. It could be another reason why N was not keen to have milk.
  • N loves music. Play any song, he starts to dance with rhythm
  • I bought a Tamil DVD just for him. It has Anushka songs. Yes. It has the songs of THE Anushka he loves. I play the DVD once in the morning and once in the evening during weekends. The timing coincides with his solid feeding. 

N is 1 year 4 months 13 days old.