Check out the car key in the bicycle handle

That’s my son for you-the ever observant N. Cars have keys, why not cycles? With that, any car keys he can lay his hands on, will be used on his cycle.

N is 1 year 8 months 3 days old.


Grandma experiences it first hand

After a night of restlessness/crankiness/stubborness/plain I will keep amma awake-ness, Grandma asked Amma, “how do you manage waking up to go to work with so little sleep?

Like that lah! 🙂

Actually, waking up early with minimum sleep the night before doesn’t bother me-much. It is the insistent crying and stubborness for no apparent reason that irks me. After first few times of cajoling N with patience (note patiemce is thinly wearing off each time) without much success, the monster-amma emerges to give N two on his bum or his legs. It is the shouting which seems to bring the house down. With Appa entering the room like a hero to save his son from monster-amma. Alas, Appa is no match for monster-amma.

Appa gets verbal lashes from monster-amma which sees him retreating back downstairs to his TV.

Huh! Appa can’t get even with Amma. What more with monster-amma.

N is 1 year 8 months 3 days old.

Pampered lil boy

Both grandparents and his chittis are spoiling him to the max. Though grandma disciplines when the need arises.

His newest word is the ‘bus’. He helps around by picking up magazines/newspaper, soap, Astro remote control etc etc for his grandparents.

Though naughty, he knows when to touch the soft corners of everyone at home by showering them with loads of hugs and kisses-without anyone prompting him too.

The surprise element simply melts their hearts!!

N is 1 year 7 months 28 days old.

More teeth sprouting

N started teething a couple of weeks ago again. he is nothing but delight for both grandma and grandpa AND a host of aunties and a uncle. He is spoilt. Read in spoilt in capital S!

It is nice to see N ‘scolding’ his grandpa who walks in after deliberately leaving N behind to go to the shop or to the gym.

There IS a person afterall who can actually scold my dad! AND get away with it!! Hahaha

N is 1 year 7 months 21 days old.

What is N doing now

He asks for his father!! And he understands us pretty well when we least expect him to. I have subscribed to Baby Centre again just to keep tabs on what an average 19 month old does.

N is very much in line.

For starters, he woke after his morning nap asking for his appa. I have always spoken to him since he was born just like I would to anyone. I would tell him what I am doing. The key phrase here is talking, So, without much thought, I told him like I normally do that Appa has gone out to bring my books back home. N then got off the bed, picks my another book of mine and hands it to me. I told him that Appa went to pick other books of Amma and not this.

After that, N settled quietly until we head downstairs.

N is 1 year 7 months 17 days old.

Earlier that morning, I asked him to pick his bottle cover (which he did) and cover the bottle. He did it without me having to repeat. YEAAAAYYYY!

Waking up at 20 minutes interval

for the first two hours of sleep. And what did I do? I yelled and showed my frustration at N. I dozed off with him and him waking up crying annoyed me. The first two times it was alright. The third time he did it, I just blew my top. The thing was, as fast as he woke up, that fast he dozed off as well. Since I was sleepy my self, it didn’t matter at that time as all that mattered was me having my sleep disturbed.

N then woke up for another two times, excluding his milk time (in total 7 times that night). And what did I do again? I let him cry. All in the believe he will doze off by himself when he realises he didn’t get his amma’s attention. Wrong!

He cried and cried for about 30 seconds*. Having enough of hearing him cry, I got up to lull him to sleep.

*It’s that long I can bear. And I am guilt-ladden till today for letting him cry and for showing my iritation at him. My theory for N not sleeping properly-he couldn’t sleep due to blocked nose.
*Hubby didn’t escape my irritation either!!

N is 1 year 7 months 17 days old.