Men are like wine… they get better with age.

And I say,

Men are so full of themselves…Not all ‘grapes’ are meant for wine. Not all ‘wine’ are of high quality! Dear men, please, oh please come out of your perasan-ness. Yes, all of you!


Sole Purpose

of this post is to keep a record of the movies I have watched this year at the cinema. Not that it matters but the fact that I can’t remember these frightens me.

So, here are those:

Errr, I can’t remember the rest, if I have had watched any other. *eyes rolling*
How about Alice in Wonderland? Was it this year or last year?

Some of the notable Tamil movies I watched on TV includes:


Don’t know whether to laugh or cry!I could potentially still have a job fast forward two weeks.

I could possibly be reporting to a string-puller. The same one blogged about earlier. Is it finally happening? Of course, by saying ‘it’ I’m not referring to the above concerns. It’s rather the consequence which brought out the concerns!

Shall update more with the actual outcome.

Update 22-07-2011
So far, all is well. 😀

Bersih 2.0

I’m all for it!

Though the traffic was bad the days before and horrible the night before, (I was not personally affected), the cause of Bersih was all good! So, not many people were actually bothered about being stuck on the roads for hours. The longest wait was for 5 hours!!

A lot of postings were made on Facebook about the traffic conditions. Mui included. On the day of the event, many postings were on the event, the leaders and reactions of Facebookers.

Organisor: Datuk Ambiga Sreenivasan (former Bar Council president)
Event colour: Yellow
Date of the event: 09 July 2011