Our first family holiday is coming up!!

I started the ‘discussion’ almost 4 weeks ago And finally, after much ‘talking’, hubby booked a hotel room for a two day stay for thr Raya break. Of course, I had to do all the ‘groundwork’ like asking for hotel suggestions with my much travelled colleagues*, googling and the actual finalisation of the hotel.
We bought a pair of swimming trunk for the lil one last evening.¬†Yup, I am excited for the lil one. ūüėÄ
So, off we go to Port Dickson!! We will be spending two nights there, on the 30th & the 31st of August.
*normally I don’t ask for suggestions. As this is the first holiday holiday with lil N, I have to make sure the hotel and the room is child-friendly.
Photos to follow suit after the holidays.
-To be cross posted¬†in lil N’s blog¬†here.

Due to a number of bad reviews received for the hotel we booked in earlier, a frantic last minute search was going on. Luckily, we found a decent apartment just in the nick of time.


My Merdeka Post on FB

Enough of being proud of what your forefathers did over there. Come back to the present and think what are you doing here for your future generations to be proud of you. Happy Merdeka!


Am I being controversial? Maybe. As long as I do not behave and sound as stupidly as some Malaysians of Indian origin, I am perfectly fine with it.