My Grandma

My grandma was born in 1931 in then Malaya. Her mom passed away when she was a very little girl, a year after the birth of her younger brother. She was bearly 3 years old.

My grandma was cared by her grandma. Wanting her grandaugher to learn English, she sent my grandma away to her son’s place where there was a convent school. She herself was Tamizh educated. That progressive was my great great grandma. I have seen a black & white photo of my great grandma (my grandma’s mom) wearing a dress, pearl jewelry (I think), complete with a handbag and a nice pair of shoes. A photo taken in the studio. No pottu, malliga poo whatsover. A very modern & confident lady, she looked like. My great grandmom could have easily been in her teens, the time of the photo taken around 1920s.

Coming back to my great great grandma. She was an influential lady, I was told. She had her own pannai (cattle farm), paddy fields, owned lands and even had her own business.

My grandma is 79 this year. She could speak fluent English and was a long serving government servant. My grandad is another progressive man . He ensured my grandma continued working even though they had to care for six children. My grandma had a maid-this in the late 50s.

Why did I say my grandad was progressive? That’s because he asked my mom to work in order to pass time and equip herself with knowledge. My mom was a very timid person and she has had never worked. Moreso, what came as a surprise was that my granddad suggested this after my mom had my sister. He told her not to worry about her two kids. As he had retired, he can care for his grand daughters. Isn’t he a great father in law? 😀

My grandma was very VERY modern. She too wore dresses and had custom made shoes.  Till she had her first three boys, she had not worn pottu nor had she, sarees. She watches CNN, BBC and the likes. A very bold lady, she gives two hoots to certain perjudiced customs. She educated all of her children, boys and girls.

The thing about my grandma is, no man or woman can get away easily from her if they remotely say anyhing perjudiced against womenfolk.

I wrote this after IHM asked what was the state of women in your family say 70 years ago?

Consider yourself tagged if you are reading this. Don’t forget to post the link in the original post by IHM.


5 thoughts on “My Grandma

  1. It was so nice to read about your grandmothers. My grandmothers story comes close – in the sense, she was brought up by her grandparents too after the death of her mother post delivery – but her adult life was nothing like your grandma's. It was more traditional.

    Like IHM says India does live in many centuries at once. I think our grandparents belonged to more or less the same generation.

  2. nice to read abt the grandparents generations… somehow makes me feel that we are lucky to be here now, enjoying all the forwardness and technology that time has brought in now..though i have to admit there are many in india who are untouched by these and live life like in the 18th century… sans computer,electricity, proper sanitation etc…

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