Deepavali cookies

Since Ihavemy own home and child, what better time thanDeepavali to start cultivating our customs and rituals at home. Not that I did not observe anything at all in the past year, but for our family,Deepavali is the festival of all festivals. So I made it a point to go all out to bring intheDeepavaliness to our home-this year.Did some paint patch up, sent curtains for laundry, did a traditional Indian sweet (ghee balls), bakedsugee balls &cornflakes, orderedmurrukkus, ribbonmurrukkus, brought inHaldiram’s assorted goodies from India, not to mention baking cakes and chocolate chip cookies soon.Perhaps, I would fry some yummilicious vadai on Deepavali day!

I feel so grown up and smug like a typical lady of the house-making myself all busy and fussing about Deepavali. 😀


N’s birthday is around the corner

and I have not done anything yet.

Oh wait, I am going to bake N’s cake myself. After a long gap. I was an avid baker. Stopped baking post marriage due to the then kitchen was not my space. I then got pregnant and found that I couldn’t stand baking.

And yes, after a slightly more than a 3 year hiatus, I am baking my son’s 2nd year birthday cake.
It’s not going to be a huge celebration. Just calling in my family and hubby’s family.

Updated to add the birthday cake picture:

No, I did not bake it. 😀

N is 1 year 11 months 15 days old.

Deepavali is just around the corner

We went to Klang town (a.k.a Little India) last evening. Had a good time buying Indian groceries and the like. It was so nice to see so many Indians at one place. The joy of the celebration around the corner was prevalent across board. People merrily shopping, buying clothes, buying festive ingredients to make sweets and savouries, having time of their lives with family was just so, fullfilling.

I like!

We on the other hand went around looking for ornamental vase, status of Vinayagar. Came back home & started with removing the curtains which are to be laundered.

Deepavali is coming! 😀